I started the Dexcom a little over 4 months ago and I received my first A1C since having it stuck to me. I've gone down from an 11.7 to an 8.3!

I know I need it under 7 but this is huge for me people, as my A1C has never been under 11 in more than 10 years.

And I have the Dexcom to thank for really kick starting my return to health.

Now if I could just get my insurance to approve the Omnipod I'll be cooking with gas!

that is awesome. good for you!

Thanks, Gayle!

Fantastic Linny !!!! your Dexcom ( G4??) covered by insurance ?? For me it's the opposite , insulin pump is covered , DexcomG4 is not Specialist and I wrote my Insurance ( Pacific Blue Cross , in BC Canada ) last week ..fingers crossed !!

Way to go, Linny! That is fantastic! You should be proud of yourself!

Congratulations. Keep up the gods work. Have had trouble with the insurance “trolls” myself. Good luck

That is awesome, Linny... great work!

Thanks everyone! I'm pretty proud myself. Nel, my Dexcom is 100% covered, thankfully. The Omnipod they don't even want to talk about so I'm starting to look at other pumps. Anyone have a favorite? I'm pretty wigged out about tubing but I'd like to have tighter control.

I share your concern about tubing. Still, I did a trial with the Asante Snap and had a pretty good experience - and it has, so far, gotten through my insurance. It only takes Humalog for now, but a working pump has been far better than no pump -- and, as it advertises, it certainly is easy to use.

Very true, Larry. I was looking at the Snap online this evening.

Think I'll go one more round with my insurance on the Omnipod before I commit to tubing.

Way to go! Dex was such an eye opener for me when I fist started it. With food choice adjustments and MDI timing adjustments was able to get A1C down to the high 5's before I switched to Tslim.
If your looking for a pump be sure to look at Tslim.

Congratulations that is amazing. Take some credit yourself - dex is a great tool but you are the one putting in the work. Pat yourself on the back and I hope you can get the Omnipod approved the combination has really helped me.

Awesome Linny! Job well done. I will get my results on my A1C next week, and it has been about the same amount of time since I got the Dexcom G4, which has made an incredible change in my life. Love it, and my Animas Ping.
Keep up the great work, and Prayers you will be able to get your Omnipod.

That is wonderful! A 3.4 drop in your A1C is nearly a 30% improvement. Hwere do you think the Dex has helped you the most?

Decreasing your A1C from 11.7 to 8.3 in four months is a HUGE, major accomplishment !!!
I understand that each one point drop decreases the risk of complications by 40%
TERRIFIC for YOU !!! CGM is a significant tech move for those of us with DM. Wishing you the best with approval of the Omnipod !--Ruthe

Congrats Linny! Keep up the work, it will continue to move better. The G4 allowed me to go under 7 finally! I've been a solid 8 for a long time, couldn't go lower. It was all due to me being afraid of having lows. Scared to death of having them, so I ran higher than I would like just to keep from going low. With the G4 I'm no longer afraid to go low. So now I do take an aggressive stance on my BG levels, like I've never done before. I'm now at a 6.1 A1c. It did take me almost a year to get to that level, so keep working at it and you'll get under 7 in no time.

Congratulations, Linny! That is wonderful news. I wish I had some words of wisdom for obtaining an OmniPod, as I love mine. I use both the Dexcom and Omnipod and can't imagine life without them. As a few mentioned, it is a lot of work to gain control, but you did it, the tools give us the opportunity to fine-tune that control, without as much worry of going low.

The only observation I can make in regards to insurance coverage of OmniPods is that I often hear (through the DOC) how it is "disposable" and they (insurance companies) don't cover such things. Well, the PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) is not disposable, its what operates the pod, only wirelessly and the pods I liken to the infusion sets for tubed systems, where they have an attached (tubed) PDM (for the lack of knowing the correct vernacular for the tubed systems.)

Best of luck to you!

The accountability is a big factor. When I had to stick myself I would just not do it so I "conveniently" never knew what my BG was at any given time. Spent most of my insulin injections correcting big time. Seeing the numbers right in front of me and the fact that you can see where you are headed has really helped.

I was so scared of the insertion but I've only had one huge owie and I've learned I can't wear it on my thigh or my arm. Thigh because it failed every time and arm because I kept bumping into the doorframe and ripping it off. Graceful I am not!

Yes, I'm going to work on the insurance and everything else. If the insurance won't cover it hopefully I could get Omnipod to cut me a deal on the device and I'll figure out how to pay for the pods. Not exactly sure how much pods run.

Ha. Never tried my thigh, but I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that can’t navigate a doorway with something attached to my arm! I have great results on the side of my chest, closer to my armpit.