Thanksgiving and Diabetes!

I am on a crusade to bring back the forgotten holiday of Thanksgiving to the forefront.

It really disappoints me that from Halloween (All Hallow’s eve) the stores pass over Thanksgiving to try and cash in on Christmas. I remember as a kid looking at all the cartoons for Thanksgiving. I also remember the 2 -3 plates of food that I would gorge myself with…Of course this is a found memory.

In this economic climate, we all are thankful for something. For me personally, I am thankful that my job has not laid me off (yet it will happen toward the end of the year) so I still have insurance. This came in handy since I just got out of the hospital 2 days ago. I am so thankful for meeting people on this website. This website has been a source of valuable information from people going through the same thing that I am.

During the course of the month of November…please remind people of Diabetes Awareness and the forgotten holiday of THANKSGIVING. If you have any thing you have to be thankful please tell me and spread the cheer!!!

Some of us do not celebrate this “thanksgiving” stuff because it is not part of our country or culture … others because we do not believe in what it now stands for.

But my hubby and I already did it because here in Canada it takes place a week after my birthday in October. We celebrated our union and being thankful that we found each other and all that goes along with being a young married couple in love.

Thank you for replying…

Its really cool that you have found the a wonderful partner.

I am thankful for my family, my health, basically everything and everyone I have in my life!

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving this year because my baby will be home from college! Can’t wait to watch the Peanut’s Thanksgiving and the Macy’s parade.

Christalyn, If I had to make a complete list it would be pages long, so I am just going to touch on a couple highlights. My health, being a healthy diabetic is so much better than being an unhealthy non-diabetic. My wife, I found a keeper almost 30 years ago and every day she proves I made the right choice. My work, it is stimulating and challenging, sometimes overwhelming or frustrating, but all in all it is a great job, and I have a fantastic boss. My mind, with it there are few limits to what I can achieve. Friends, food, shelter, skills that I have developed. Hobbies and the space to do them, they help to keep my mind and my skills sharp.

Thanks for replying!!! What are you hobbies???

Woodworking, is the one that needs the space. There is a box and a bridge in my photos. I also read mostly military fiction. I used to do and teach lapidary and silversmithing.

What is lapidary? Is silversmithing having to do with making swords? I have always been fascinated with swords.

I am thankful for you writing me back!!!..I look forward to seeing the Peanut special. I burnt out on parades, pagents, award shows etc several years ago. I was an intense watcher of all of these since I was a little girl!! :slight_smile:

Lapidary is the art and technique of cutting gemstones, It is also an unusual word in that the person doing lapidary and the place where it is done is also a lapidary. Silversmithing as I did was in the making of jewelery, I wasn’t that good, but I was able to show techniques. The making of swords would be a specialized blacksmith known as a bladesmith.

I’m thankfull for this website. It’s been 2 months since I was diagnosed and there’s still so much to learn about this pesky disease. I still like the Macy’s Day Parade, guess I want to see Santa Claus at the end!

Your just a diabetic baby!!! haha

I have be diagnosed for 2 as a proud large and somewhat in charge Type 2…
There is a lot to learn!! Believe me I couldn’t believe that everything I was doing up untill the day was diagnosed was killing me. I am very happy to meet you!!!

Getting on the Soap Box…
If you have not done so…I always tell new diabetics to please go see an Endo or at least a Diabetic Educator…Sometimes hospital will have diabetic education classes if you ask about them. Be persistant…Go to the classes. I farted around with a primary care physician for the first year and was getting no where… as soon as I saw the Endo…she change my whole regiment around and got me on new meds that are working… Now its up to me…

If you are feeling depressed or just want to vent because those times will happen…just HOLLA!!!

Next to Christmas, Thanksgiving is a holiday I love celebrating. Ive considred these two holidays dedicated for family and special closest friends. These are celebrations i get to be with the most important people in my life. Theres just so much to thank for for Thanksgiving (family,life, health, opportunities,wisdom…) and so much blessings to share on Christmas. Im in my homecity this Thanksgiving…actually our country does not celebrate the holiday. however, its a tradition Ive learned to love and enjoy ever since I got married and lived in in the US. By God, we will celebrate it here too. =)

I love Thanksgiving. It always makes me feel so content. Must be the endorphins from the turkey,lol. I am so thankful for my husband of 36 years, that my 87 yr old Mom is still here with me and doing pretty good right now, my 3 sons who I absolutey adore, the fact that Pete will be home from College for a weeklong Thanksgiving break cuz I miss him so much, for my foster son Keith … he brings alot of happiness into my life, for my close friends who are there for me when I need them and for this website and all the amazing people I have met here who I now truly call FRIEND. Love you all. Happy Thanksgiving !!!

I am totally a diabetic baby! I just learned how to bolus for meals today. duh, no wonder I was having trouble with my blood sugars.

Wow Joanne…married for 36 years! Sounds so romantic =) Ive always thought that the endorphins came from the stuffings? Or was it from the pumpkin pie? LOL