Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday. Christmas is first, due to the actual meaning of course- Thanksgiving for me was always about family and giving thanks to God for all we are given during the past year. The feast was always secondary, however I was never shy about over-indulging. All that changed this year with my diagnosis - all for the better! I just watched carefully what went in my mouth, put together the lowest carb plate I could and even had a little dessert- without my BG going too high 2 hours later!

Having diabetes has certainly been an education in nutrition- since I never really cared that much about what I ate ( and up until I was 45 or so didn't affect my weight) so having diabetes might have at least one benefit- or maybe a better description would be redeeming value or positive lifestyle change- I'm eating much healthier and living an overall healthier lifestyle than BD (before diabetes)

It may have been a blog by another member here that startled me when I first saw the title- something like- 'having diabetes has been actually good for me' I first said huh? how can this possible be good for anyone? Reading on, this person dropped 50 lbs and got real fit following a healthy exercise and diet regime - now I know how he feels---