Thanksgiving Day What's for Dinner

Aside from turkey will be making Ina Gartens stuffed mushrooms (stuffed with sausage, cheese, breadcrumbs). Roasted garlic mashed potatos, garlic string beans, turkey gravy using cornstarch. Sis is making sweet potatoes with marshmello, rolls. Dessert will be pies (not home made). We separate dessert from dinner by a few hours because, even only eating rolls, turkey, veggie and mashed potatoes (our D child does not like the other items), adding the pie would be too much of a carb load at once. The coconut cream pie was her favorite and hoping to have the same decent results as this week when I trialed two types of pies. Not serving apple pie and did find a recipe substituting chayote for some of the apples but won’t serve this year until I make it and taste trial it. The mashed potatoes could be made lower carb with the addition of pureed cauliflower instead of half the potatoes (she can taste this so I can’t do it), and the stuffed mushrooms could be made with less bread crumbs (she doesn’t eat stuffed mushrooms), low carb desserts made from scratch with even better results. Would like to see how others handle the holiday.

Before I get in trouble here…I grew up with my g-mother doing all u just said but with one differance. She will cut and freeze green tomatoes during the summer soooooo for Thanksgiving she will bring them out and though them and then (a family tridition) she fries them and we get those too! I know ur daughter probably want eat it but just had to give her some glory here!

My niece, not daughter. She will eat regular tomatoes, picky so would not try the fried, but I would! But where do you find green tomatoes?

Whoops sorry about that. Where does she get them? We have a family friend who has an acre garden and before the tomatoes ripen she goes out there and gets some green ones off the vine just for my g-mother. We live kinda in the city so gardening is out for me. She 85 and we try to keep her sitting still (not that she likes it) So Becky is the next best thing!

Well, I might be going to a vegan thanksgiving. This is my first year as a diabetic so I haven’t done too much cooking but I was an awesome vegan cook before. I wanted to try doing a diabetic dessert because I know I won’t be able to eat any of the dessert people are bringing (and no one in the group I am diabetic and I am keeping it that way for now). So I think I might play it safe and do a low carb vegan soup like Cauliflower and Garlic with lots of spices. Hard to mess up soup. :slight_smile:

Other than that, there will lots Tofurky and stuffing etc. I will have to have little bits of certain things.:slight_smile:

None of my family has diabetes or eat a vegan diet but I brought my own tofurkey (never tried it so will be fun to try it this year), broccoli, and a baked sweet potato for me. I really don’t eat much so this will be plenty for me. No need to stuff myself when thanksgiving is all about remembering all the blessings God has given me and spending good times with family.

Does Tofurkey taste like turkey? If so, that would be a great subsitute for meat any time of year.