That day and its scent!

These are poems I wrote in my poor english for my english speaking friends years back

The pond

It rained
My tears filled the place
The ducks came out
Announcing it is a new pond
All the village ducks
Came swimming
In the new pond
I watched the ducks
They move in a funny way
I laughed
My tears dried
The pond disappeared
The ducks left, looking
At me, saying
Silly you
Why you stopped crying

beautiful poem and picture.
I will have to find some of my poems I have wrote.

The dreaming dreams
And in the island
She let go of all her dreams
Her dreams were free to run and dream
Have you heard of dreaming dreams?

The island birds chased her dreams
But her dreams were happy
To be chased by island’s birds

It was June and she sat under the flowering tree
Watching her dreams running, singing
And chasing
The island’s birds

She was happy, but she missed him
So her dreams brought him to her
Sitting next to her
Sharing her coffee
And watching with her
Her kids, her dreams

Raining in the desert

And it rained non stop
In the desert
The sand absorbed all the rain
Blue tiny flowers grew
And yellow bigger ones followed
In a minute,
Lizards played hide and seek
And white ants asked
Is it winter?
And is it time to hide?
The giggling lizards said loudly:
So the ants came in rows
And the lizards
licked all the ants
The ants are hiding now
Inside the lizards caves
Thinking they are home
Till another announcement
And all because
It rained heavily
One day
In my desert
Not in yours!

6-October 2007

Meeting of minds (24 September 2007)

Somewhere and the aero plane
Was dosing off
And strangers turned their backs
To each other
Ready for a nap
Or pretence to escape
Human contact on board
Different nationalities
Different thoughts
But whatever the color of pain
Every one carried his own
And I did the same
Turned my back
Closed my eyes
So no body will see
My pain

But he sat there
I felt somehow his pain
Whatever the kind of pain
He had
But he smelt of sweet pain
Pain turns people into
Human beings
And he started singing his pain
I, played my violin
Humming my pain
And in the middle of the night
Two strangers
Sang their different kind of pain

3 October 2007

And I found kindness

And when I found kindness
The kindness who sat one night
Next to me
Somewhere in the sky
Our souls met
I can not remember how kindness
Looked like
Because in this world
I learnt my lesson
Spiritual moments only count
And how I can thank you God
For giving me many
Moments of peace
Guiding me to wisdom
To know the meaning of life
Life is long way to reach you
To know you God
And the gift of living
Living with you
Walking to reach you
Is blessing
And here a million thanks
Because I met kindness again
He was not a dream
He is still the kind kindness
Bless him God
Bless him
The kindest kindness

Tuesday 2 October 2007 10 am

Time to play

He is upset
So it is time to play
I will mother him
He will be my child
Only through a play

His mother shouted
Darling where are you
No answer
She went to see
Where is he

He sat under the tree
With his cat on his lap
To his kind stroke
His tears fighting
Not to be seen

She held his hand
And took him inside
With the cat following
Her burr is loud
The neighbours
Can hear
She gave him two dates
And made him icy lemonade
She stroked his hair
They sat in the kitche
Her coffee mug in her hand
She asked him
Now tell me darling
What was the matter with you?
He finished his juice
Wiped his mouth on his sleeve
Something he is not allowed
Ever to do
And said
I forgot mother
May be when I come back
From my tennis match
I can remember
And start to tell you all

She drank hundred mugs of coffee
Her food had burnt
Over coffee, alone in the kitchen
She remembered it all
She silently cried
And asked God
To lend her a child’ memory
So she does not have
To remember it all


and clouds gathered
telling its secrets
whispering its hopes
they went to bed
not knowing that by tomorrow
there will not be any roofs
over their heads

16-November 2008

Dearest sohair,
you express yourself so beautifully in these words , they images they contain are so very vivid to me, thank you,