That's The REAL Nikki

I know my blogs, especially lately, are a “tad” sappy; but then I suppose that is me. I must warn you that this entry will fall squarely into the “sappiness” category; yet, it is a story I must share.

After posting last week’s ‘Nikki’s 9th Live-a-Betes’ video, I decided to share it with my class (I guess I never truly take a break from every T1D educational opportunity) AND my kiddos love my daughters, so I knew they would love seeing all the pictures. It was quite interesting to hear their comments as the video took us from Nikki at age 5 through her various trials, bumps and triumphs where T1D and Celiac are concerned. They gasped at every single hospital, finger stick and site photo; and ooo’d over the pictures of Nikki dancing on stage. One of my little girls was fairly quiet throughout the video, UNTIL it got to the last picture, which showed Nikki in one of her performance outfits, smiling and sparkling. My student stood up, smiled and said “THAT’S THE REAL NIKKI!” I’m sure it’s no surprise that this one heartfelt exclamation made me more than a little teary.

I will, forever, count that statement as one of Nikki’s triumphs over T1D. Sweet, kind and generous little hearts don’t see diabetes or celiac when they look at Nikki. In spite of the freedom with which she talks openly about both diseases, the young people she touches see only HER and her shine. When I got home and shared this story with Nikki and Amber, I’m proud to say they both responded exactly like their sappy mom….they got a little teary. I’m one proud momma and teacher.

That's beautiful. Got me teary, too.

Love it :)

I love this!! Made me get a little teary too!!!

Thank you everyone!