The best Endo in the multiverse!

I know many here have a great deal of frustration with their D team, very often Internists and to a lesser degree Endocrinologists. So it is with some reluctance that I post this, not wanting to appear to be "spiking the football".

On the other hand, you all are friends, a community I'm a part of, and I believe it important to share our joys, victories, and positive experiences as well as our bad ones. In the big picture, it all helps.

I had my regular appointment Friday with my endo. She is the absolute most awesome, incredible doctor I have ever had. While she's very knowlegable, what makes her so awesome is her strong support for me, a T2, and my agressive approach in treating my D. I'm one of probably no more than 3 T2s on the planet with insurance approved and paid for pump and CGM (okay, I exaggerate a smidgen there :-)). My horrible numbers a year ago made this much easier for her, however since I got everything in line she's had to fight a quarterly battle with insurance to keep these technologies for me -- they are pushing all the time to get be off the pump and CGM and manage with shots.

She's the kind of doctor that responds like we all want them to to a patient who is engaged, intellectually curious, and self well-educated on D. I'm her favorite patient. Friday's results: 85% in the range 71-100 (from the dexcom). She was floored.

So, I have permission now to carry on, and cut back my visits (and labs) to every 6 months instead of every 3. I promised I'd lose the 20lbs I gained since last June by the next time I see her in Dec.

She's all over my plan to give keto-adaptation a try. Had some good advice, but the thing I love the most is she is so open to me being a part of the treatment team, not just the subject of it.

Of course, all if this took work on my part. I got educated. Built up a rather thick file of medical papers, articles, studies, device information, etc. etc. etc., that I've been sharing with her on this journey. I've taught her a few things, amazingly. Through all of this, I'm so lucky that she's been the kind of person -- not doctor, but person -- that doesn't feel there's a "turf" issue, or expertise issue, or any of that sort of thing that more arrogant professionals often engage in. She's very smart, and can tell when I really know something or not.

So, we're a team, rather than a doctor and patient. And look at the results! Not only is my BG control awesome, but I'm happy, motivated, and have none of the "fears of disclosure" when I see her that I used to have about being imperfect, slipping up once in awhile, and being open about it.

In the past I'd simply cancel appointments or not make them at all to avoid fessing up about falling off the wagon for a bit, with my old GP. He was a scolder. My endo smiles, tells me the truth (no, with your good control you're not going to go blind because you had a week of crazy eating on that cruise, but don't make a habit of it), and reminds me that D is 365/24/7. Then we talk about my strategies for the coming period before my next visit.

Anyone in the Santa Cruz, CA that needs a good endo, I can recommend one. Send me a private message. Don't know if she's taking patients, but it's worth a try!