Had my first visit "EVER" with Endo after 3 years as Type 1

After more than 3 years since my diagnosis I finally have insurance that’s allowed me to have my first ever Endocrinologist visit today at the KU Wichita Endocrinology office. Staff was nice and asked great questions. The Doctor seemed informed and answered all my questions. Got all my tests done and got me a new meter and script for strips. I had been using the cheap Relion walmart ones. All in all everything went great! Just thought I’d share as I usually only see negative Endo visit stories posted here lol.

Great to hear, Troy. Hope it leads to much learning and great results to come!

It is true that we often see posts of the negative. I will chime in, my endo is awesome! We work on things to tweak for better control, and she helps me get the new technology, etc. A good endo is wonderful, congrats that you have found one, Troy.

Congrats on getting access to the care you need. As much as I complain about some of my past docs, I would feel shut out if my access was cut off. Be well!