The Bravery of Children, The Shame of Grown ups


So here we go Dearhearts @Terry4 and @Stemwinder_Gary and @John_M2 and @v_prediabetic and @CatLady06 and @Pastelpainter …Here’s my sister, my best friend, in Venus from The Planets: music by Holst; choreography by the members of Spira, A Company of Dancers; photo by Eric Griswold. About 1977…They found 4 nodules in her lungs, but leg surgery that inserted a pin was successful. No cast, but no weight on it for weeks (not sure what that means yet). Various treatments available with more discussions to come. Our brother flies there on Monday. I’ll go out to help when we know more about recovery period and what next…@Marie, bless her loving heart, sent me instructions on how to move this discussion someplace as a separate thread, but as one that is linked. Will figure that out later…Thanks all for being there…Blessings, as ever…Judith…


Keeping you and yours in my thoughts. Maureen


I’m sorry to hear about your sister. Even though we know these things will pop up as we get older, it’s still a shock that can leave us feeling wiped out. Sending good energy your way.


I am sad to hear your news, @Judith_in_Portland, but am glad your sister has you and your brother to support and care for her. Please keep us posted and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.