The diabetes dynasty!

Hello fellow bloggers! My friend Amira Rose and I have been working on a blog for a little while, but we were under a single name. Recently, someone discovered our blog and asked us to put our blog here, on tuD. So here it is, THE DIABETES DYNASTY! :slight_smile: I will copy over the already written parts of our blog and paste them here very shortly!

Ok, so here is our blog, starting with the most recent posts. Please remember these posts are by both of us, so I may not be able to answer questions on ones my friend wrote. from now on the blogs will be marked with who the author is, but for now you will have to guess!
-DiabetesDynasty :)

Diabetic problem solving

Posted on June 26, 2014

Diabetics often have to be creative to solve daily diabetes related problems. Today I was reminded of that. I had checked my BG and given insulin so I could eat lunch. About half way through my lunch, I was full. I needed to eat about 22 more carbs. If my BG were on the higher side, I could’ve just not eaten it and watched my numbers so I caught when I went low, but today I was running on the lower side. I was about 90 (my BG that is) and was going down! I needed some carbs! I then called my mom to ask if we had any donuts(or something like them) in the garage, because they have a lot of carbs for their size. There were no donuts, but I thought of something else, dried pears. One tiny little pear has about 15 carbs. I also remembered a little candy I had stuck in my purse. I ate that too. So far, everything has worked out. If you are ever in one of these diabetic crisis, remember to stay calm, and search for dried pears. (Ok, maybe not the pears part). :)

Posted on June 25, 2014

Brothers and sisters can definitely be a pain in the behind. My brother especially. He is always annoying me and shooting me with his Nerf guns. Grossing me out like any brother. I was beginning to think he didn’t care what happened to me at all. He always acted mean. But here’s a story that made my thoughts change.

While I was in the hospital, my brother was at school, thinking I was fine and just a little sick. Little did he know I was in a hospital hooked up to a bunch of machines. I was in the ICU when I heard small little sounds of whispering and someone walking toward the hospital bed I was in. It was my brother. I was very drowsy so I looked like I had been drugged. When he came in I looked at him faintly. And u could see he was frightened. He asked me if I was OK. I told him I Was fine in a whisper almost. My mom took a pic of me to send to family members who were wondering what was going on. She showed me the pic and oh my I looked horrible. My face was as if I had never slept in my life. And in the pic u could see all these weird and scary machines hooked up to me. My brother had to leave. He was not 14. He was only 10. So he was not able to see me:(. Then my aunt came in and gave me a few things my cousins wanted me to have in case I was “scared”. My boy cousin gave me his fave games and stuff. The girl gave me her fave stuffed animal. It was a pillow pet zebra. She never let Anyone touch or use it. So I bet she was really scared and sorry for me. I wanted to see them and tell them how thankful i was but they were not 14 either. So I was left alone to sleep there with my mom. Only 1 person was allowed to stay out of the 2 parents. But my dad snuck on the couch while my mom was in the hospital bed with me. On the 3 day my brother was not wanting to go to school anymore. He said he really wanted to see me. So they said he was allowed to stay home and only stay in the waiting room. A few mins later my mom came in and told me that my brother was sick and throwing up because he was nervous and worried about what would happen to me:(! I felt so bad for him!! I asked my mom If i could call him on her phone and he could use my dads and he did!! When I called him he was crying. He asked me what was going to happen to me. I told him I would have to stay here awhile. He started to sniffle. I told him if I get out of the ICU soon then he could see me. So he hung up. Later my mom told me that he had Gone to the batting cages with my grandpa at boomers to calm him down. I was so relived. Then he went home with my gram. Finally I was moved out of the ICU!! Know he was allowed to see me. But….he was sick. So he could not come to see me. My gram came to see me and told me that he said he was going to get better so he could see me. And he did. When I came home from the hospital,I opened the door and there everyone was! My bro,my cousins, my aunt,my uncle,my gram,my grandpa, everyone! I was so happy! My gram told me later that he had asked her if we could throw a surprise party for me when I came home! It was all my brother! He wanted to do this!! He decorated and cleaned my room for me! And a “welcome home” sign! I was so impressed! When I came in he hugged me! And… He always helped me with everything. He actually wanted to be apart of it. He even asked me to teach hi I’m how to do the shots. He did my shots when my mom could not. I loved him soo much! So if anyone has story about there siblings. Tell me!! I would LOVE to know!! So now I know my bro does love me. And he has always but.. He just did not show it:) well see ya!!

My diagnosis

Posted on June 24, 2014

So…most people ask me “how did u find out u had diabetes?”. Well I am going to tell u so….here I go..

Before I was diagnosed,my first symptom was drinking a lot of water. I drank sooo much that i went to the restroom a lot!Then I got thrush! A very bad case of thrush! So my mom got me on a natural medication and cut sugar completely out of my diet. Even fruit!!! But….it never went away! I got more and more tired by the day. And sometimes fell asleep in class. Which was hard to believe cause I always paid attention in class! ALWAYS!! Then I began to feel acid in my throat like acid reflex. I was so sick. After I lost 10lbs in a week! I was already pretty skinny for my age (not in a good way) so 10lbs looked rather,bad then good. People started to tell me I was looking pretty bad. But I ignored and went off with my days. My mom saw that I was loosing so much weight so she made me stay home from school and eat as much as I could. And I did. It obviously did not work. One day I woke up very sick. I did not want to eat breakfast at all. But my mom made me eat a 1/4 cup of cornflakes that I barely finished. She took me over to my grammas cause she had to work. When I got up to the apartment, I crashed on the couch immediately and fell asleep in seconds. My gram woke me up and decided I should go to the doctor. When I did I went to some urgent care. And they said that I would have to wait 6hrs be cause they had to send the fax to the doctor. So then we went to the hospital check place. When they took my blood test,it was only a pinch,they put some of my blood in a few little bottles and took it back to the doctors. After a bunch of nurses came rushing in…then the doctor took my mom outside of the room. My mom came back in the room, and when I saw her face, words can not explain, she was terrified. So I began to worry. The bunch of nurses started to hook me up to a bunch of machines. I looked like a machine myself with all the things connected to me! Then the doctor came in and told me I had “diabetes”. I was so shocked. I did not know what diabetes was or how it worked. So…then they took me and put me in a ambulance gurney. It was weird. I had never been in an ambulance before. I was sooo scared!! But u know what I got through it. And I know all diabetics do. So if Any of ur family members have these symptoms,then send them to the doc. See ya!

Diabetes Ettiquite

Posted on June 24, 2014

I have discovered many non- diabetics don’t know how to act around a diabetic! So here are some simple suggestions:

1.) Please don’t freak out when I check my BG. I have to do it, and saying “eww” won’t help the situation.

2.) Please do not peak at my numbers. They are private, and if I want to share I will.

3.) Please do not give me diabetic advice. I’m the one with diabetes, so I probably have a better idea of what to do. :)

4.) Please do not touch, poke, or play with my needles and/or pump. They are extremely important to my staying alive!

5.) And lastly, do be supportive and continue to be my friend. Diabetes hasn’t changed the person I am, I’m still me, just with diabetes.



Posted on June 22, 2014
Everybody thinks being different is horrible! I think it means ur special!!!!! People think I’m maybe disgusting because I have to deal with blood 24/7. But I know in my mind I’m not. I feel as if everyone is AGAINST being different. I hate it. Being different makes u U! I think so. So if anyone feels different tell me!!! I want to know!! I really want to know! I want to know I’m not alone in this!! Cause sometimes I believe I am!! Everyone has been different before. And some were criticized for it. I want to know ur story!! Don’t be afraid!! Im saying mine!! And my thoughts!! I know that everyone e is good!!! Some just act bad!!! So have u been different or r currently different? Tell me!! See ya


Posted on June 21, 2014

People always say they “understand” diabetes. But….they don’t.I am one so I know what it feels like to have diabetes. And how frustrating it is. Everyone thinks diabetes is about the surgar u eat. Nope its the carbs. Type 2 is that. But I am talking about type 1. The first diabetes. Everyone at my school, when there is a bday,brings a treat to celebrate. And he or she who brought the treat says “oh can u have this? It has a lot of surgar in it”. Of course I immediately say no I can not but it does not have to do with the surgar. They of course do not believe me and say next time I will bring “sugar free things. I hate it and get annoyed. My parents think they understand or know the feeling of being low or high. Being low or horrible. Ur sweaty and shakey and have no strentj whatsoever. Being high is bad to. Ur tired and woozy and don’t think clearly. If u r high for a long time and cant go down to a regular level u gobin to keton acidosis. It means u have ketons. Ketons r what u develope when ur body is using fat instead of glucose to run the body. Usually this happens when u r first dignostes. Some people at my school think I’m contagious. It really hurts me. I hate it!! Well that’s it for awhile..I hope know u know what its like to understand diabetes and what it is:) see ya!


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