You know you're a diabetic when

lets make a list of "you know your a diabetic when you "!


You know your a diabetic when you freak out when your friend eats a candy bar without a bolus!

When putting in contacts seeing “dirt” on the lens right before putting it in, wash it, then checking to make sure the lens is clean realize that the “dirt” was the holes in the tips of my finger being magnified :smiley:

I’ve injected while holding a cat in one arm. I’m now working on the hand-eye coordination to be able to test while holding a cat in one arm.

  • when you become adept at multiplying and dividing by 18

Ha ha…true!! I like this one :wink:

You know your a diabetic when you say your high, the people you know around you are like “OK, what do we need to do?” and the people you dont know are like “She doesn’t look high.” (:

Ha. So very true. I’m paying COBRA now for about $700/month. What happened to universal health care? Still can’t get private insurance with type 1 diabetes…

You know you’re a diabetic when:

  1. You leave a trail of test strips everywhere you go.
  2. Your purse is REALLY big, and not because big purses are in fashion.
  3. You say, “I’m low” and friends have a juice box ready and waiting.
  4. Your math skills (particularly division) are wicked good.

you know you’re a diabetic when you get a giggle out of being able to say “I woke up high.” Who else gets to say that?


or when your child tells you that you can’t eat at McDonalds because it has too many carbs. Then he asks how many carbs are in the small order of fries and like a freak you know the carbohydrate breakdown of his entire happy meal.

You know you’re a diabetic and a pumper when you feel naked without your little buddy clipped to your side!

Too true, too true… Ha, ha, ah!!!

You know you’re diabetic when… You remove your bed sheets from the washing machine, and a bunch of test strips falls on the floor (more than one brand even)… LOL


I felt that way with my dexcom. It was almost as though I was missing another human being… Like I left my mom by herself on the train or something… Oh boy… LOL…


You know you are diabetic when to your horror you find out that glucose tabs are made with dextrose and the dextrose in the USA is made from corn which you are allergic too. This means I now have to hide those juicy juice boxes in even more obscure places so my Mother doesn’t hand them out to my nieces and nephews for treats.

Or you know you have a child with diabetes when you start carrying a backpack along with your purse because you need both to carry all the supplies. Gone are the days of small purses.

Yes, and those benefit plans better include one that covers your diabetes supplies at 100% with no co-pay or deductible. I am allowed to wish aren’t I?

You know you are diabetic when you have a nutritional scale and you weigh your food to figure out the grams of carbs so you can bolus correctly or so you hope.

You know you’re diabetic when you fear summer because, “What am I going to do with my Novolog pens when it’s really hot out?”

I Agree :slight_smile: my maths is really good now and before i could do anything