The Diabetic Expo in Tampa

Hi to everyone I just wanted to add this about the diabetic Expo here in Tampa on Sept 13, 2008 it was the greatest thing that I have ever been too there was so much to look at and listen to speakers and watch a food demo and there was other things too like the free samples that they were handing out and we even saw someone that my husband use to work with at the rice table but they were very busy so we did not get to have a long time to speak to them that was cool…But there was a few things that were very interesting to my husband and myself that they did have a wellness check area…Yes even did have to buy a few things that I thought were interesting to me as well there was a seat belt clip to put in your car if you ever have something happen to you that you cannot speak at all I will take a picture of it and put it on here soon so you all can see I have to say it is the best thing that money can buy…Yes I even bought another cookbook again (LOL) I collect them…Yes I have alot of reading to do but I like to read anyways so that is no big deal…But if there was ever another one of these YES I would go again and again I can say this if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with diabetes and you doctor tells to go to one of them you should go to them it is very informative.
There is one thing though I wish Manny was there so I can met the man that developed TUDIABETES I would have liked to shake your hand…MANNY THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A GREAT SITE.

Later All

Thanks a lot, Karen! I am very happy to hear that you have found the site useful.

A year ago, I would have met you, since we were at the Expo in Tampa then. Still, I am sure our paths will cross. Virtually, they have crossed already! :wink:

BTW, let me know if you would like me to send you some 4x6 TuDiabetes cards, that you can distribute in your doctor’s office or as you see fit. If so, you can send me a mailing address to send them to at manny AT tudiabetes DOT org.

Take care, amiga!