Diabetic Expo in Chicago this Saturday 4/12

It will be at Navy Pier in Chicago.

I will be there with an online group of diabetic buds I have met over the years.

Let me know if any of you are going and we can meet up.

Did you tell your friends about TuDiabetes? :wink:

Some are members here yes.

Someone from RI, ID, OH, MI, and IN.

We had a blast. Day one, I drove into the city, ahhhh, John Hancock Observatory and then a two hour trolley tour, showing the sights, with a comic for a driver, we were laughing constantly.

Next day running around the expo gathering up all the free pens. :slight_smile:

I saw Otis Wilson from the 85 Bears with his superbowl ring on. He has an organization promoting fitness for kids. He is a fine looking dude, they were taping some video and Bob and I kept staring at him like he was a movie star. :slight_smile:

I hounded the medtronics rep, asking her when the CGM was going to be more real time and she said it will never be because it is in interstitial fluid, I was getting quite wound up with her, but I was starting to go low. :slight_smile:

I picked up a bag of lancets, and omg, the rep said that is for drawing blood you know for bgs tests, omg. Then we all went and ate very nondiabetic like.