The Evolution of Diabetes Education

Have you found benefit in coaching from a CDE? Donna Rice, new Senior Medical Director for our CDE HELP Team, discusses the value of CDE’s and their evolving role in diabetes education and support on Discuss Diabetes.
Best, Laura K.

I have found Tudiabetes and its members inputs, along with other diabetes related forums much more informative than CDEs, nutritionists, and endocrinologists.

I haven’t seen a CDE since the first year or two after I was diagnosed…so, not for 15 years or so. I see a doctor who kind of fills that role for me, though. I guess after this long, I’m not sure how a CDE would know more than me about my diabetes, and as mentioned above, I find online articles and forums help me a lot, too.

Thank you both, very much, for taking the time to read and comment! Your input is appreciated. Best, Laura K

I have seen a CDE a couple of times. Got some useful things out of it but nothing really earth shaking, mostly because I had done a ton of homework before I ever got there so there wasn't very much new for her to tell me.

That said, I realize full well that I am atypical in that respect. Generally speaking, I think CDEs occupy a critically important niche. They are trained to do what doctors are NOT -- teach day to day management. It's not rocket science (nor original) to say that diabetes management is up to the person who has it, and can't be done by anyone else, so education is critical.