The feet that never hurt

I went on a little Diabetes vacation after my Second miscarriage where I stopped testing and didn't bolus I just ran on basil it wasn't Diabulimia and the Dr thought it was Depression but none of the Depression Medications worked well I put my train back on the rails and then found out I was pregnant with my son (this years new years baby) anyways that's not the point the point I am trying to get to is could my vacation be causing this what I think is random foot pain I get out of no where sometimes. It hurt real bad the only way I know how to explain this pain is if you were to take a live wire to my foot and it last for 5-10 min the goes away I told my Dr about it but she doesn't seem to think I need to worry about it right now since I am only 26 I just fear that I cause damage on my vacation.

Hi Stephanie. That sounds like the pain my daughter experiences with peripheral neuropathy. She suffered for a year before being diagnosed because everyone said at 18 she was too young to have neuropathy. The fact is sustained high blood sugars at any age will cause nerve damage. A couple suggestions. A neurologist can do an nerve conduction study that will more definitively diagnose the problem. Meanwhile alpha lipoic acid taken with fish oil has been shown to help mitigate neuropathy pain (I’ll look up and post recommended dosages when I get home.) And of course keeping your blood sugars in better control will help prevent further damage.

Hi, Stephanie my neuropathy stems from my scoliosis, i have a spinal fusion from t-1 to L-1 with two six inch stainless rods wired and screwed to my spine. The last four lumbar vertebrae house most of the larger nerves and over the years from bending i have developed neuropathy in my feet. The pain started in 2005, as the years passed the pain increased and the numbing in my feet started getting worse as well. I was about 32 years old when the pain started as of today i have been on meds to keep the pain at a min but it never goes away totally. For me there are times when i don't want walk because of the pain it is just something i live with.

I never like the idea of leaving something undiagnosed, even if the doc doesn't think it's a problem. Do you have a podiatrist near you that you could consult with? Most of them can diagnose different types of foot and ankle pain. It would be unfortunate to have something turn into a serious situation that could have been prevented.

Hi all thank you for the insight I Have an appointment with my Dr Thursday to get a referral to go see a Podiatrist and if she can not figure it out I am gonna have her refer me to a neurologist

I had peripheral neuropathy bad after leaving the hospital. But once I started exercising my legs it went away.