The Field Of Diabetes Is Overrun

. . . with ultracrepidarians.


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Is that a real word.........Yes it is, I had to look it up........Totally agree

I agree too. ultracrepidarians be GONE

Kind of a global statement. Can you pin this down a little? Nice vocabulary but needs further definition to give me an idea of what you are really saying.

Hi, Ellen. Well, the post was really a light-hearted attempt at humor . . . evidently one that failed ;-)

If there's really a point, it's simply that we are continually on the receiving end of "advice" from people who have no real understanding or awareness of what we actually deal with. Many dietitians fall into that category, but they're by no means alone. Not by a long shot.

Hi David, I am a big fan of new vocabulary words! I get the lightheartedness so no worries. I also am quite aware of the discrepancies in treatment options available. It is almost to the point where I am not surprised by what anyone in the professional field says anymore. I mentioned to a Gastro doctor, and I do believe they cover the pancreas at least minimally, that I had a rough time with diabetes and complications, and their reply was surprising, "Oh really," so I tried again, "Yes, I have had Type 1 over 25 years." No response. No, they were not going to make me feel like I was whining about something unimportant. This was the same doctor who used a sliding scale with no meal coverage and kept my BG over 300 the whole time I was in the hospital. I really find this pretty unacceptable.

Yes. I could name names -- well, we all could -- but won't. What bothers me the most is that some of the ignoramuses are in very high profile positions and people listen to them and even follow their advice believing they're doing something good. Don't get me started on that one, I'm good for hours.

Technically I don't think we can get rid of them--I think they come with the planet. would be nice to send them by spacecraft to test out a new planet for viability when NASA finds one a la Star Trek. That would be one reality show I would watch.

"It's done this way..." "No sir, you are sadly mistaken, it should be done this way..." And nothing would be solved.

Hmmm ... I might be one, from time to time at least!

Being human, we all have our moments, I expect. I was thinking principally of the people who do it for a living.

Used it in a discussion today! Thanks for making me smarter!

LOL - glad to be of service. :)

My god that’s good. Bravo.

A great word and certainly a problem that goes far beyond our world, but there does seem to be something about diabetes that turns everyone into a self-appointed expert no matter how ignorant they are.

Worst of all are the amateur nutrition enthusiasts who are convinced that whatever fad food they’re eating that week contains the Secret To Curing Diabetes and are determined, the second they learn you’re “diabetic,” to convince you all about it but aren’t even aware of the difference between T1 and T2. I’m frequently tormented by one in the choir I sing in. “No, in fact eating more of some special fruit or vegetable is not going to make my islet cells spontaneously regenerate, but thanks for your concern.”

Know someone who cared for his father for the last few months of his life. He said his dad had diabetes…I asked T1 or T2 … he didn’t know! When he tried to advise me on how I should eat, etc. … let’s just say one or two conversations later, he no longer does that. lol.

Yow. Must have been T2 though. I mean, you’d definitely know if you were giving your dad insulin injections.

In a funny way it kinda reminds me of what pisses me off, as an erstwhile academic and historian, about those ancient aliens shows. It has taken decades of really hard work to figure out what those hieroglyphics and inscriptions mean, and for someone to just waltz in, notice that some pictogram looks like a UFO or a guy in a spacesuit and proclaim “Ancient aliens!” is infuriating to people who actually, y’know, KNOW things. I feel the same way when someone blithely recommends some One Simple Nutritional Trick that’s going to make my disease go away, when they have no idea of the amount of time (24/7/365 x 31) I’ve spent involved in figuring it all out. I try to be patient, but sometimes…

“Oh, stop fiddling with that gadget; put it away and live a little…” (referring to my pump). True story.