The first day of school

So today started off like the first day of school has for the past 12 years (NOT). Actually my 13th year of teaching started off at 4am with my cgm telling me I was low. I felt a bit shaky but really had to pee so I went to the bathroom first. On my way from the bathroom to my bg meter (about 8 steps) I managed to pass out. I don't remember falling but when I came to I was staring at the ceiling with my head and butt hurting. I tested my bg thinking I was wicked low or something, nope I was at 78. Then I felt that lovely feeling in my stomach, just made it to the toilet in time to throw up. I felt soooo much better after that, went back to be for an hour before the alarm clock went off. Got up and went into school. Picked up the new teacher laptop and went to the "lovely" welcome bsck to all the staff meeting. Half way through said I knew I was going to be sick again, so I left for the bathroom, the school secretary followed me there. I proceeded to be sick all over again. So she went to get the school nurse who made me call the dr. The guidance counselor drove me to the dr where I got seen rather quickly for being a walk in. The dr told me that he just thinks it is a virus but he did some blood work and then when I wasn't reacting as fast as he liked he ordered a cat scan. Of course my health insurance has to pre approve those so it will be a while. The doc doesn't want me back at school until Thursday unless I feel amazingly better. The students come on Wednesday and I hope with lots of rest I will be feeling amazing since I will not miss the first student day. My neighbor came to pick me up at the drs and took me to get anti nausea meds. Just praying this isn't a sign of whats to come this school year. It also makes me feel blessed that I have a bunch of awesome co-workers and neighbors. I am currently trying to hold down some chicken broth and a piece of toast............... I hope everyone elses Monday has been better then mine. -BPG

I sure hope you feel better soon.

Hope lots of rest will help you feel on top of the world again.

same thing happened to me in my ophthalmologist's office......i landed in the er for overnight
might have been a virus, too
be well.

Hopefully the school year will only get better from here. GET WELL SOON

Oh my dear dear Piper...HUGS!...I'm SO sorry.
Hope you feel well very soon ♥

No Fun! Hope you are feeling better and are ready for the kids now!