What a day

Well, the thing that I hoped would never happen, did!!!

I thought I’d be okay walking to get my daughters from school since it is only 1 mile there and 1 mile back. I ate a peanut butter and bread sandwich before I walked out the door (just to be safe). Apparently that wasn’t enough and the heat was too much for me.

I was fine at the first. I went to my littlest school to pick up (my pre-Ker), but half way to the other school to pick up my other daughter I felt it. I new right then that I was not going to make it home (and to top it off, I left my glucose tablets at home). As I walked into the 1-2 grade school all that could spit out of my mouth was candy (to the lady at the desk)?!?..the lady asked what and then what for. All I could say at that point was, “diabetes”. Instantly, the lady called the school nerse, sat me down and watched me. As they ran around like chickens with their heads cut off I just couldn’t help but say “thank you, I’m sorry” a few times over. I was so embarrassed. I felt so terrible that people (other than my family) were having to take care of me, and much worse, in the school, in front of my girls. Now, they already know the drill and what happens to mommy, but it was a bit scary for it to happen at their school.

Anyways, they did take care of me. I sat for about 20 minutes with a coke in hand (wich I never drink), a box of gummies (which my girls were sharing without my knowledge) and a hershy’s kiss. after that 20 minute time frame I was just a bit shaky; my sweats were calming and I was able to speak more than a few words. They checked my glucose with the meter they had there and it had bounced up to 75 and I was able to walk home (although they really didn’t want me to leave yet). I guess that’s what I get for not having enough sense to take my tablets with me…and I even told myself to grab them before I left the house.


Thanks so much for your comment…yeah, it was pretty bad, but I’m glad I got the help I needed. You are so kind.

I have had it happen to me as well. Thankfully I was with my best friend when it happened and he has candy on him at all times in case I forget mine. His wife also carries candy or glucose tablets with her as well since I spend quite a bit of time with them. Have you considered having your kids keep them in their bags at school in case of this happening again?

Unfortunately…candy is not allowed in the school. It will be taken away if the teachers find it. I guess I’ve never really fought it because I normally can’t stand sweets. I don’t eat it, but after today, I guess I will have to have it on hand at all times, especially with the texas weather…whew!!!

Barbara, Don’t be embarassed we have all had some of those. I ran off the road a couple of years ago and a passer by gave me a coke form McDonald’s. Luckilly I did not hav an accdent or kill someone. So don’t be embarassed be thankful you did not pass out b/4 you got to the school.

Felt scared and worried about you Barbara,please check your BG before going out and make sure you eat enough for safe reading because walking bring it down ( a motherly concern) take care.

I know i try my best to leave the house with stuff in hand but i have been in the same situation as you have being caught without my glucose tabs. I know i have felt embarrassed too but at least there was help available.

Thank you Tarra, and you are so right…at least there was help available and the school nurse really knew what to do to get me back on my feet…I can say that I was so happy that that is where it happened rather than on the street when walking home with both girls…

I can relate. I’m a teacher on our high school campus and I was doing some work by myself in the junior high library one time and didn’t realize I had a faulty infusion set and wasn’t getting insulin for a couple of hours. I started vomiting in the trash can and they sent for their school nurse (embarrassment #1). Because I’m young-looking and not from their campus, they thought I was a high school kid (embarrassment #2). The poor school nurse kept trying to give me juice. My BG was like 400. It was obvious that there was only one kind of insulin reaction she knew how to treat. But I was able to take an insulin injection and started to come down. They had to call for my supervisor (embarrassment #3) to come over and check on me. It was mortifying to bring all these other people - colleagues! - into my diabetes care and to be treated like a child in my workplace.

But in the end, I am so thankful that there was someone nearby who thought to make sure I had medical attention and that my supervisor was so quick to come to my side and watch me for a good half hour until I was feeling up to taking care of myself. I am so glad, too, that you were able to find the help you needed. The kindness of strangers, eh?

Wow I can relate also. On Sun morning on a guys getaway to a football game I went to work out at the fitness room at the hotel. Back at the room after my shower I zonked to 30! I was so out of it I could not complete a sentance and they had never seem me like this even though they new I had diabetes. Well it took a while but they finally got some oj and I came out of it but I was also saying sorry and felt embarassed. They were educated about low blood sugar in a way they never had before so I guess I kinda helped them learn - too bad it hurt so much. I am still swinging high now a day and a half later. Did you go high at all after the low?

@ Phil- Yes, I sure do…most of the time I feel like I’m about to scream because my highs hang around for much of the next few days afterwards…sometimes, my BG’s are considered “normal” staying at around 140-200 but I still have a high count of Keytones in my urine for a few days afterwards…even at 140 which is weird…

The highs and lows about kill me sometimes cause it tires your body out so much…