First Day of School!

Yes, today was my first day of school. It wasnt that bad. Actually, it was pretty great! I saw my friends I havent seen in awhile, got to have every class with a good friend, and it was pretty fun today! I like my classes I take, besides Speech. I’m not very good at giving speeches or presentations. But, other than that it was great. It was a challenge searching for all the class rooms, considering it was my first day of high school! It was a fun challenge though. When I was getting ready for lunch, I went to the nurses office tested and… 225! Wow! It was so high, especially right before lunch! I ate my lunch with a water bottle and made sure to finish it. Then after lunch I realized that I couldnt find my schedule. Then I was like Oh Shoot! I left it in the nurses office. Oh well, I still had time to get it cuz it was still lunch period. No biggy! But other than all those things the first day of high school was really great! Anybody want to share there first day of school 2011, go right on ahead. Teachers, students, or parents who sent their kid to school! It would be great to hear how it was!

I wish it was my first day of school instead of my 5000th day of work! I’m glad you had a good time!

lol! You can also tell us about your day at work if you want… and only if its interesting :wink:

I investigate car accidents and negotiate settlements of bodily injury claims. It is extremely interesting however it is extremely classified!! I am comfortable recommending that everyone drive carefully and buy tons of insurance!!

Are you required to only test in the nurses office?

I’ve got even more work days in than acidrock, but my day was pretty boring, so I’ll spare you the details.

haha! I’ll be sure to do that. AND I’ll tell my sister to be careful too. She just got her license this summer and so far has hit a pole, ran 2 red lights (without getting caught) and was a centimeter from hitting her silver car on a black Camero. But, ya know, whats one more illegal handi cap parking :slight_smile: BTW, my How to read Lit like a Prof is due tomorrow. I’m getting it ready, making final touches and printing right now. I think I will do well on it! Thanks!

It’s good to hear you had such a great day! Hope your first year in High School is terrific!
I am a teacher from Canada and we are still on holidays here. BTW the last time I saw a school nurse was when I was a student. That was a very long time ago.

Bad Moon:I can test in class or wherever I am if I think I need to, but I never have.
Peetie: Cananda is a veryyyy long way from where I live. South Texas is like a million miles away from you. Hows the weather up there? And when do yall start school?

ooh man, I guess y’all are in TX which is likely a diffferent/ “tort reformed” venue than Illinois but messing around driving is very dangerous. Admittedly, I was a total idiot behind the wheel when I was younger (like 37?) but once I got rid of the Mini Cooper, and dealt with very tragic cases, I am generally more cautious. Many ER bills run maybe $10-15K but the massive ones will be $3-500K, maybe more. Sometimes from “oopses”.

You were probably high because of the stress and excitement (yes, even good stressful events can cause adrenilin to be produced and cause sugar levels can rise because of it) - and trying to find where you were supposed to be would certainly put my sugar up!

It’s cool here in the mornings and still hot during the days.
Our local High School starts next week because they get a week off in October. Most of the other schools start the following week. I’m just going to substitute this year so I just have to wait until they call me.
Have a great second day at school!

Thats a lot of money lets just hope she doesnt wreck! Canada students are so lucky. Do they have the same number of school days as us Americans? Or are canadians also american since we are all in north america? Anyway, yall are lucky. When do they get out of school?

Probably. It was even higher today… 240! That really surprised me. I guess all you do is drink water and go on with the day. Today was pretty good, but yesterday was better, because we didnt have to work yesterday. We just met all the teachers and caught up with our friends. High school is going to be a lot better than middle school. I can already tell.

First day of school for my 18 kindergarteners isn’t until September 1. I expect a few tears (from students AND from parents), and maybe even a bathroom accident. But lots of giggles too!

Awww! Kindergarteners are so cute! But they can be tough too, because they are so little and sometimes hard to deal with. Good luck and have fun! How long have you been teaching the little ones?

This will be my third year teaching. My first two years I taught first grade.