The FreeStyle Promise Program

So… I saw FreeStyle was having a commercial on tv, promoting their new FreeStyle Promise Program, where you get some benefits (mostly for people who are lucky enough to have insurance, which I don’t), but also you get to call a Diabetes Educator any time you need, for free. They sent me a FreeStyle Lite meter, free, with membership to this program (which is also free.) I honestly wasn’t really wanting another meter, more so than the idea of talking to a Diabetes Educator… even if all they answer are general questions.

So... if any of you out there have a FreeStyle Lite meter, what do you think about it? How does it test against your other meters? It already has a few features I know I will like, including being incredibly tiny, not needing to be coded, 7-14-30 day averages, memory storage, free software, and a back light... Since I got it just today, I wont be able to test it against my labwork till a couple of weeks from now, which I fully intend on doing... but I thought I would ask your thoughts on this, anyway. :) What do you think?