I found this offer... free strips ... Freestyle

$50 off of a box of Freestyle test strips per month… call 1-866-246-2683 or visit FreeStyle Promise™ to get a card.

thought others maybe interested… let us know if you find other free offers

Nope, Freestyle is too hard to use for my bad eyes

Let me know if they’re giving away One Touch Ultra strips :slight_smile:


This is great! I just called and signed up. It sounds like if you use a Freestyle meter, they will send you a card where you are guarenteed to pay only a max of a $15 co pay for test strips. You can use the card once a month. The benefit for them is that you give them permission to let them send you a ton of marketing stuff via email and snail mail. I’ve been paying closer to $40 with my insurance, so this will help! Thanks!

your welcome…

Good Luck. Lifescan is notoriously stingy about discounting/patient assistance… In fact iv been in a few diabetes studies and almost ALL of them had to go with an Accu Chek or Freestyle meter, Both companies were more than willing to donate meters and some free/severely discounted strips to the research people…I was in a situation for a few months i was paying retail for strips and Freestyle was one of the few companies that were like we can send or even fax you the paperwork, we can help (also Roche/ accuchek) but when I called Lifescan I was like, we dont offer any patient assistance, sucks to be you sort of atitude like i was insulting the rep (well we offer one of the cheapest co-pays of any strip with insurance… BZZT i didn’t have insurance at the time)… Some of the freestyle meters have a better display than others (the original Freestyle with the dot matrix subdisplay or some of the new models… the flash is NOT what you want)… Also you might want to consider the new version of the Accu Chek compact (with the OLED display)… Its higher contrast than a normal LCD and is very easy to read (esp if you can get some sort of discount on the drums)

I just filled out my info for a card I am super excited, thanks for posting this…

Here is the Freestyle Promise link.

These cards are awesome!! My diabetes educator handed me one a while back and I’ve used it ever since. My strip prescription is for 200 strips, I fill it monthly and before using the card I paid my insurance co-pay of $35 every month. The card will save you UP TO $50- the discount you receive depends on if you have insurance or not. For me, I save $20 every time I get my scrpit filled, so I pay $15 for 200 strips!!! Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!!

Thank you!

My insurance copay for freestyle or onetouch is only $10. So this doesn’t help me. Bayer is also offering up to $30 off the copay - http://www.bayersimplesaver.com/contents/home.aspx