Accu-Chek Meter/360 Software

Each time I'm asked what meter I'm using and I reply, "ReliOn Prime" (from Walmart), I get the same response and it's never a good one. I've been told over and over agin that there are problems with accuracy with this meter. I've been using it so that I don't have to worry about going through insurance for test strips and any possible excess costs. The strips for the Prime meter are only $9 for 50 strips.

I've been doing some research and I'm interested in switching to the Accu-Chek Nano meter that uses the Accu-Chek Smart View test strips. I've also seen that Accu-Chek has softare (Accu-Chek 360) that is available for downloading and graphing your data.

Does anyone have experience with any of the Accu-Chek meters and or the software? Any opinons are welcome. Thank you!

I use the Accu-Chek Aviva meter but don't use their software. Instead I upload the meter data to the web-based site Diasend. Diasend also permits uploading of pump and CGM data. Having all this data in one place allows better integration of the reports. In other words I can see how much I ate (in grams of carbs - from my pump), how much insulin I took and when, and the subsequent BG data from the pump and CGM. The only data that is missing is exercise.

Unfortunately, Diasend had to disable the Dexcom CGM uploads recently as it complies with FDA protocol with its pending Dexcom CGM data application.

If I remember correctly, the Accu-Chek 360 software permits the user to manually add exercise, food, and insulin data. I didn't like this data entry burden but if one faithfully added all this data, it could produce actionable information and a good report for your doctor.

Hi. I'm Rob Muller with Roche Diabetes Care, and also a member here. I just wanted to add if you ever have a question about meters, software or our apps, please feel free to call Accu-Chek Customer Care anytime, 24/7/365. The call center is here in Indianapolis and they are great at what they do. They can answer any questions you have: 800-858-8072.
Let me know if there is any other way I can help you.
Have a good afternoon.

I also am the same as you. I currently use Reli On tester and strips, mainly for a $$ saver. But also have been looking into getting the Accu Chek Nano Tester and Strips.. But I do not have insurance. That is what hurts me in getting the strips. Am looking for a discount for the strips. May have to get a prescription to get them.

But - the key is: getting as best as you can on blood sugar control. And for that, I am going to get the new Accu Check Nano meter and strips. Worth my life!

@ Dirk Baeuerle

The cost is a huge factor. I can relate to how it was when I didn't have health insurance. I'm thinking about contacting my insurance company and comparing the co-pays.

I totally agree that it's worth your life! If the Reli On meter isn't going to assure me the best accuracy possible, than it's not worth saving the money.

@ Rob Muller

Thanks for the information! I'll keep that number handy as I continue my research in comparing meters.

@ Terry

Thanks for the input! I'll take a look into Diasend.

I use their "Mobile" meter which connects to a computer via a standard micro-USB cable. There are various trend graphs and statistical info available directly in a web browser, without having to install software or download the data to a PC.
I believe you can also use their stand alone software to view the data but I have not tried that yet, as the HTML page that the meter displays is very informative.

I use the accu chek combo meter and remote, I use the 360 software also.

It is not bad actually, room for improvement as always, but no major issues or gripes with it.

I use the Reli on prime as a back up for my purse and if I run out of my regular test strips and have had zero issues with it, the results tend to match how I feel and are comparable to my Verio iq meter. I was given an Accu check nano and didn't care for it. I felt like it read on the low side, had no light for testing in the dark like the Verio IQ, and my co pay for the strips was slightly higher. I have been very happy with the Reli on and the Verio meters, but everyone has their own opinion. I have been able to keep my A1C under 6 using these 2 meters (I am insulin dependent).