The insulin patch and who will bring it to market

CeQur, a company that develops and sells simple insulin delivery devices primarily for those with Type 2, has recently bought the Calibra insulin delivery patch from Johnson & Johnson. The Calibra insulin delivery patch is a thin device that is worn on the body and delivers bolus doses of rapid-acting insulin when activated by hitting two buttons simultaneously. It does not deliver or carry basal insulin, which means that the Calibra is much smaller than your typical pump.

This acquisition makes sense. Johnson & Johnson have been moving out of the diabetes devices market, and CeQur is in the final phases of development of their PAQ product. The PAQ is similar to the Calibra insulin delivery patch (the device that CeQur has just acquired) in the sense that both of these products are discrete and users can bolus with the touch of a button on the device. However, the PAQ also has 3 days worth of basal insulin, although the rate is fixed. The Calibra insulin delivery system only delivers mealtime bolus insulin and has already been FDA-cleared.


I am not holding my breath for this to happen. Nancy50

I posted about this on a different thread on TuD a while back. I keep hearing different versions of this thing.

Some have said it will do various basal amounts. Others say it is just bolus in preset amounts. The last I heard was 2 units.

Anyway, the “Calibra” thing has been in the works for so long now. J&J bought it years ago, never made it, and then sold it!

It’s almost taken the feel of the diabetes cure. Always 5 years away!

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