CeQur acquires wearable insulin delivery device

CeQur acquires wearable insulin delivery device

I read this and still have two basic questions for anyone who might know more about this device:

  • How does it deliver the insulin?

  • If it delivers “mealtime” bolus insulin, why would it only be usable by T2s? Too slow an infusion to be useful for a T1?

Sounds like Johnson & Johnson are divesting themselves of all their insulin delivery devices. They also stopped selling the Animas products in the U.S. and Canada last year.

The CeQur device was never offered in the U.S. to my knowledge.

I, too, am curious about how it delivers insulin and why it is only for T2s.

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Bolus-only patch.

I did a little more digging and sounds like CeQur is going to tweak J&J concept and make it basal+bolus…for a 3 day delivery. But they are only concentrating on T2…maybe because it’s an untapped market for that method of insulin delivery perhaps?


The sad (or somewhat pathetic) thing is that Johnson & Johnson acquired a company in 2012 (Calibra Medical) that was going to make this thing. And now that J&J is bailing on diabetes, some other company is getting it from J&J.

All these years and people are still waiting on it. And every time the idea gets shuffled from one company to another, it just adds more years before the thing gets released…

Hey, corporate people: You buy it, you make it. Okay?

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I agree Eddie2…what is the holdup? I don’t think it’s the profitability aspect…

I think whenever a small company is purchased by a big one, it slows things down to a crawl.

I would bet that Calibra Medical was fast and nimble compared to J&J.

Some info on the Calibra system.

It was supposed to be launched back in 2016 by J&J but instead we saw the demise of the Animas pump system.

What gives?

Yeah, I know…J&J made a huge fuss that this would be such a benefit as a patch pump, and then nothing. Next thing you know they are getting out of the pump business (i.e., Animas) all together. SMH…

Hopefully CeQur will take the ball and run with it…