The joys (or not) of Prednisone

I have hayfever (pollen allergy) at the moment, and to help my body fight the allergy a doctor put me on Prednisone for a few days the other day. Already having highs and lows before, being on prednisone doesn’t make it better blood glucose wise even though it does work wonders for my hayfever- I can actually breathe through my nose again!

Anyways, I started on prednisone a couple of days ago, night to yesterday I barely slept at all and felt as if I was high. Tested my fasting yesterday morning and got an all time fasting high of 8.4 (151) which would have been considered full blown diabetes if not on prednisone. Before lunch my level was better at 4.1 (74), my 2h pp was pretty bad at 7.5 (135) and that was with a fair amount of physical work all the time between lunch and testing, another hour later my husband and I stopped at a McDonalds to have a quick snack/lunch before hitting the highways for hours to drive to my parents place for easter.
I was at 7.8 (140) at that time but had a Happy Meal with Coke Zero anyways just to not be hungry along the road, two hours later after that and a fair amount of driving later, we took a toilet break (in my case pretty urgent) and taadaa 9.9 (178)! Little more than an hour later, another toilet break and 7.6 (137). When arriving my parents place about 5 hours after McDonalds, I finally hit a number below 7 for the first time since before lunch. 6.8 (122) was my result then. Only had some coke zero along the road from the McDonalds to my parents place. Had a very light dinner soon after arriving parents place and shortly after I hit a massive 12.2 (220) which I first couldn’t believe so re-tested and got 11.3 (203)! Before bed I was “just” at 8.5 (153)!

This morning was good enough at 4.9 (88) but gee, it’s quite a roller coaster being on prednisone! But considering how well it works on my hayfever (and it also seems to have done the trick to get rid of my acute lumbagos), I feel it’s worth the highs! I will mention it to my GP when seeing him on April 12th for sure. I could well imagine short periods of highs if that means I can live a normal life even in the pollen season. I might need to use some cortisone based asthma inhaler, with or without taking prednisone, quite wondering if that will affect me as much as prednisone does… Worth a try I guess.

There’s a good reason I say I HATE spring :confused:

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Hi Jennie: :slight_smile:

I feel for you. I’ve been on Pred. about 4 times in the past 26 years for severe RA. This last time I’ve been on it for 4 years. I was on the inhaler for Asthma for about 12 yrs. I barely need it now. Only in the summer when it’s Really hot out. The inhalers didn’t bother me much sugar-wise. I’ve also had Cortisone shots in my knees which didn’t bother me much usually. But when I was on high doses of Pred…that was Bad. You didn’t say how many grams that you take. Your numbers are pretty Good considering, except for the 200’s blood sugars.

Here are other opinions in case you haven’t seen this particular discussion. I hope that you don’t have to be on Pred. for too long also.

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I’d be thrilled to have those #'s while on prednisone… as a T1 400’s and 500’s aren’t unexpected. It’s quite frustrating.

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Seems I got side-tracked. I just noticed that you are not on Insulin and since you just started using Pred. you are probably on a higher dose, so your numbers are Good although a pain. I am on Insulin and I’ve weaned myself down so it’s easier for me.

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Now I’m off the prednisone again. Finished the 3 days the doctor put me on, but will discuss prednisone with my original GP on the 12th. Allergy wise I feel better on it and the real bad pollen season is yet to come here!
I don’t know what dose I was on now, I just got some pills from the doctor and started with 2 at the office and then 1.5 of them for another 2 days. Yesterday was my last dose for this time and I went to bed with a 211. I did however notice that it worked better for me to take it in daytime sometime rather than in the early evening. When I took the first 2 pills in the doctors office it was early evening and I couldn’t sleep night to Wednesday along with waking up high. On Wednesday I took my pills around lunchtime and just spent the afternoon and evening high and same for yesterday.

OK, messy post :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sleepy :S

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My doctor just shot me this morning with 2ml of Prednisone for Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am monitoring the increase in my Blood Glucose. Insulin accordingly. Ha ha, the joke’s on me. Wife said pizza for dinner.

I recently was treated with Prednisone (20 mg) for systemic poisen ivy. The next day I was in an Indian Grocery Store and my husband and I asked the owner what might be useful to stablize blood sugars. The recommended product, Fennugreek seeds, was strongly suggested. Bought them, brought them home and used a coffee grinder to turn them into powder. I soaked 1 tablespoon of powder in 1/3 cup cold water. I waited a hour for the powder to swell into a gelatin. I took a BG reading. I swallowed 1 tablespoon of the mix and waited 20 minutes. My next BG reading was 20 points lower. I use a FreeStyle Libre CGM. I can see when my blood is starting to spike and when it did, I swallowed more of the mix. During the whole time I was on Prednisone, my BG never went above 165.

Hope this helps many people. It has helped everyone in my family who is a Type 2 diabetic.

Sometimes, steroids can have no impact on blood sugar. I had a steroid injection this past spring for severe allergies. I was surprised when it had no impact on my blood sugar.