The Legendary Queen of Soul has Pancreatic Cancer!

Yes, it was first reported in the black media that Aretha Franklin has pancreatic cancer. Now it is being confirmed in regular media outlets.

My question is this....

How common is it for a person with pancreatic cancer to also have diabetes?

It has been reported that Aretha Franklin is also a Type 2 Diabetic. This rather worries me since drugs like byetta are linked to pancreatic cancer are given to Type 2's.

That is so sad. Unfortunately there is a relationship between pancreatic cancer and diabetes that is not well understood. Diabetes symptoms occur in people who get pancreatic cancer, but also it appears that people with diabetes have a higher risk for pancreatic cancer. One theory is that high blood sugars feed cancer, but some researchers believe that there is more going on. While Byetta is not directly linked to pancreatic cancer, there is a rare side effect, pancreatitis. Chronic pancreatitis has been linked to pancreatic cancer. Patrick Swayze valiantly fought pancreatic cancer. Randy Paush also succumbed to it in 2008. Professor Pausch’s book the “Last Lecture” is really quite inspirational.

I always remember the way my grandmother talked about cancer with dread. In her day, it was a true death sentence. Today, for many cancers, there is a good chance you can survive. Unfortunately, the prognosis for pancreatic cancer is not good, it is nearly incurable and that is sad.

I did not know that Randy Paush ultimately had pancreatic cancer. I remember all the press he got with the book.

I am currently taking byetta right now. It does concern me that a link has been suggested to pancreatic cancer.

I always wondered if someone that never had diabetes suddenly gets pancreatic cancer, does that mean they will have blood sugar problems or does pancreas still function?

I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer 7 years ago. I don't know about the diabetes but when she 1st got so bad the reason I was on her so hard to go to the dr was b/c she was excibiting signs of Type 1 diabetes. She went to the DR and it was pancreatic cancer.

I know it is a mutation in the genes and it does cause BS levels to fluctuate and you will start showing signs of diabetes.

Pancreatic cancer is usually detected late. So sad. Lost a relative to this recently.

Gerri it is almost always to late from what I've learned seaching the internet about it. My mom lived just 6 months from the day they found it till the day she passed. My mom was in stage 4 when they found it. now I need to get back to the present! I will cry about it if I think about it too long. She was my soul support for MANY years.

Yes... my sister's ex-mother in law died from this, recently. She was such a nice, kind hearted woman. It was so hard to see her go so quickly. Pancreatic Cancer is vicious.

Six months seems to be the usual prognosis. Was with Marty also. He complained of stomach pains & doctors said it was nothing.

Gerri & Liz it's really a sad, sad thing when you see it take someone from being able to walk and talk and do for themselves to a bed ridden woman (or man) in just afew months.

Gerri my mom was also talking about her stomach hurting. The 1st dr just didn't test for it. She got her friends dr (who was a cancer spelist) to check on her and that was when we found out in a family meeting with the DR. She also complaned a bit with her back too.

Sorry to hear about this. how many people with diabetes normally develop pancreatic cancer. This is what I can't find out...

If I recall correctly, the LA Times article indicated that no early warning test for pancreatic cancer exists, same with kidney disease, conditions that apparently have been linked with T2. And is it my imagination or is the incidence of pancreatic cancer on the increase (like so many other previously "rare" diseases)?

Now that I think about it, that my PCP and endo always ask me if I have experienced any stomach pain. I couldn't figure out why (and always forgot to ask)... I think this discussion has answered that question.

I don't know what the incidence is, but it is higher than in the general population. However, most diabetics die of heart disease, not cancer.

I don't know if it is on the increase. You have to remember when a celebrity gets a disease or cold it is all ways amplified. So maybe it is becoming more common with celebrities than the general public. People are being more open about their ailments.

I don't believe my sister's ex mother in law had Diabetes, but her mother had it.

I can't answer that either. My mom was SHOWING signs of Type 1 but it was the CANCER instead. I'm sorry Christalyn. I have to agree with Natalie. WE tend to have more heart problems that we do pancreatic cancer.

I am not suggestion one ailment more than the other.

Being African American, believe me heart disease and high blood pressure are rampant w/o being diabetic.

I just wanted to know is it common to have pancreatic cancer with diabetes. I am taking a drug for my T2 that has links to pancreatic cancer.

Oh please don't take me wrong. I know all about African Americans and HB along with heart disease. I just don't know what to tell you. I'm sorry if I offended you in anyway,

Some good information on pancreatic cancer rates is Here. Being African American, you have a slighty higher risk of pancreatic cancer, but the rate is low, about 10-20 per 1000K. According to This paper, in a swedish population, diabetics had a 1.7 times higher rate of pancreatic cancer. In the scheme of things, a "slightly" higher rate.

It is always good to be concerned about side effects and make informed decisions. But one always has to weigh the benefit against the risks.