Pancreatitis & Diabetes?

Not sure WHERE to go with this issue, so here it is…

When I was 14 in a hospital (abdominal pain) apendacitis was ruled out right away, one thing I shall never forget was being told I would end up on sots like another kid in there. Needless to say I closed my ear and told them off…

While in the Navy I had it again, admitted and put on pain meds…it passed.

Then in 1980 I had a sore throat (saw fam doc), then pleurasey (ER), then maybe a week later, the evening after seeing the company doc (my boss asked me to as my fam doc refused to follow-up on a “just a sore throat”, hauled to the hospital via meatwagon and admitted to the cardiac ward for low oxygen. A day or so later the doc that my boss had sent me to, came in yelling at me “WHY” was my blood sugar so high… I had no idea, did not know what diabetes was. Kinda rude and crude way to learn one is diabetic. I was doing some readig yesterday and found that BOTH pleurasey and elivated triglicerides are common to pancreatitis.

I am on insulin, have been for nearly 3 decades, but I am not quite a typical type 1, type 1.5 or type-2 either…I am looking to learn more, just to try and understand why I am sort of an orphan diabetic. Its not going to change anything, just gain understanding, I hope.

(&( GOMER (mil-speak for “GET OUT!, My Exam Room”)


If I recall correclty my triglicerides were very high while I had pancreatitis. Sounds like a plausible theory to me.

Plus further reading indicated that diabetics are more likely to have pancreatitis, than the general population. So there are 3 known factors leading to this theory, not counting thre known instances of probable pancreatitis.

The year after the first Panc? I was hospitalized for jaundice/hepatitis, for FIVE weeks, while others recovered at home in no more than 2 weeks. Even after release from the hospital I still had to stay home for 2 more weeks follwed by being watched like a hawk at school (9th grade) & told that if I did not feel well for any reason to immediatly go to the office (I hated that, being watched like that).

Then in the 10th grade I had a sudden vision problem that struck in class one day. After I started driving I had to get glasses for double vision. Driving a vehicle down 2 streets at once was not as hard as backing a truck into a telephone pole.

Funny thing is not long after the second probable atack, while in the Navy I had to get my prisms doubled in strength.High blood sugars is one common cause of strabismus, the other main causes I have no known history of (disclaimer cause ya never know what one might find out later).

When in Navy A-school I went out drinking so I would feel better the night before big exams (1-2 weeks). That also coincides with BS lowering effect of booze, and strange while everyone else had hangovers, I would be bright and cheery felling better than normal instead of a hangover.

(&( GOMER hindsight 20/20?

Welcome fellow Orphan-- Had a insulinoma tumor in my pancreas which they removed (1/2 of it ) and now Im a diabetec as well. its not quite pancreatits but close. I’m kinda in that “other” catorgory - Cheers mate!


It sounds like you are in the “Other” catagory. Landileigh is an “Other” she is filled with a lot of information.


Cherise… question, who is John…I do not see a John in this thread.


I searched TuDiabetes and did not find a group of us “other” diabetics, so…

I started a new group called simply Orpahn Diabetics. I know I would like to learn more on this subject, of course its not something personal to me…lol

I am not sure about the inviting process here so I am asking y’all here to join me at Orpahn Diabetics and please invite other "Others’ to join and share with us. (don’t forget to invite LandLeigh)


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I just featured the new group on the home page. Thanks for creating it!!

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