The "Lord Help me!" Basal

As I mentioned before, it is technically trying to head into summer here. Temperatures have been all over the map for the past few weeks and more than two hours of sunshine at any given time is considered a miracle. Despite that fact, my son has been more active than ever. He is out playing hockey with friends in the neighborhood, at school and in other people’s neighbourhoods. We have had him mowing grass and helping with renovations to the backyard. He has been a busy boy and his blood glucose levels are beginning to tell the tale.

We have gone from rarely seeing numbers in the two’s (36+) to having a new favorite number of 2.9 (52). He was 2.9 at 9pm. He was 2.9 at 3:30am. He was 2.9 at 10:30am. He was 2.9 at 2pm. You get the idea.

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