Swinging the ups and downs of Diabetes!

This past month has felt more like we are on the swings on a playground. Up down, up, down, up, down, etc. Olivia’s numbers were pretty good for a while and then all of a sudden she started to run low. She rarely receives a bedtime shot of insulin, yet she would still go low around midnight. Her bedtime snacks are almost always worth 20-22 grams of carbohydrates. We would give her crackers and milk most of the time, and sometimes cookies and milk. Why would she be going low? I heard from this site and from my own research that weather may play a part in regulating blood sugar. Better weather = more exercise, etc. Maybe this was the reason why Olivia’s numbers were starting to get lower and lower. One day she had a blood sugar reading of 48. My husband was like “are you feeling okay”? Olivia said “yes, I’m good”. To me, that situation is pretty scary because she gets so low, but doesn’t have any symptoms. Don’t get me wrong there are times where she says that her tummy hurts and we test her and she is a little low, but it’s those times that we test her on schedule and she is really low and you would of never thought she would be low because she is playing and interacting like normal! That really scares me!

We contacted Pittsburgh Children’s and told them what was happening and they were unsure of what to do. They asked us what dose we wanted to change - Her morning Levemir or her evening Levemir? I’m thinking to myself - I don’t know, that’s why we are contacting you!!! We decided as a team (I guess) to lower her morning Levemir by 1/2 unit. This way her morning and dinner Levemir would be the same (1 unit). They said to see what happens in a couple of days and if she continues to go low to contact them again. Well, just the opposite happened - we visited the mid two hundreds and also said hello to the 300s for a couple of days. Well screw this!! We went back to the previous dose and everything now seems okay. How long will it last is my next question? I still need to contact Pittsburgh to tell them we went back to the old dose/scale, but for now we are doing pretty good.

This disease is so frustrating. Right when you think you have the upper hand - BAM! - we get knocked down again. Our next doctor’s appoint is next week - the 21st. Will everything get changed again? Will her A1C continue to lower? It’s funny to say, but the A1C really is a parent’s report card. Is my husband and myself doing a good job maintaining control of this disease?

Olivia with her big sister, Gwen, swinging on the swings behind our house!