The Most Awesome Thing I've Done Despite Diabetes

I was looking through the blog posts I read and noticed on Keri’s, AmyT’s, and Rachel’s pages that there’s a blog carnival going on called “The most awesome thing I’ve done despite diabetes”. I knew instantly what the most awesome thing I’ve done despite diabetes is (so far): It was the month I spent tramping around Europe back in 2008!

My brother was working for the Air Force and had been assigned duty in Germany. He’d been begging for one of us to come visit him since he arrived in 2003 and since I had the time, I figured I’d take him up on the offer. I’m not a white-knuckle flyer and I have been to a different country (well, Canada and before 9/11, so I never had to show a passport to anyone), but this would be the first time I’d flown hours over the ocean, entered a country where I did not speak the language and had to have a passport. On top of that, I had just started injecting Lantus in March and Humalog in May of that year. Needless to say, I was nervous. Despite my anxiety, I borded the plane in Philly for an overnight flight into Frankfurt, where my sister-in-law and nephews met me. Not only was I able to visit Germany, but I spent time in France:


Under the ground in Ireland:

To the Cliffs of Moher:

With a stop to remember the past:

Then to the top of the world:

A wonderful vacation, to be sure, and one that I did not let diabetes stop me from taking.

Beautiful photos Angela! I bet you had one heck of a wonderful time =)

Good for you taking that vacation !!! I love your pics.

What a fabulous trip! Love your beautiful photos.

The Blog Carnival you mentioned is the DSMA Blog Carnival. More information is available at

How about the most awesome thing I’ve done BECAUSE OF diabetes. I wouldn’t be writing books and speaking around the country to patients and health care professionals if not for diabetes. I wouldn’t have this work that is so fulfilling.

My mot awesome thing was to give birth to two “not bigger than life” healthy baby boys. Both of which are diabetes free as of last week…when they had blood work done. That’s where my “D” story started, with gestational diabetes, and 18 years later, full blown type II. But at least I had an idea that it was coming…