Hit the road!

When i learned that i had diabetes , the first question

in my mind was ; will i be able to travel by myself like i use to?

You might ask , and i might just answer, i just got back from a kickass trip.

I had done North or Europe , hitchiking and backpacking , but never southern.

A year after my diagnostic, i decided it was time to get to it.

The plan was Spain, Southern France , Italy, Austria ,Germany; it was horrible.

Horribly wonderful. ( all that while reading eat, pray, love , ha! ) It was the first time

since the madness of taking control of my health, that i actually saw things in perspective.

Live a little, eat wonderfully, relax enormously ( except for that time in austria, when crazies took over the bus).

A few lows, a few highs , but overall everything went very smoothly ( ... except for the time i had my first real , delicious italian gelato, pasta and german pastry .)

Ill be posting pics soon.

Life is sweet!