45 days far from Lyon

So many days and I came back. My sister and I and my mother, we made some works; it was a difficult task to build a stair … During all those days of work my dear friend Diabete was a little forgotten. Of course there were highs and lows, I counted my carbs, but it was different. I didn’t spend my time thinking about it. I didn’t climb upon the Glandasse because I 'm afraid since my heart attack and I like so much this mountain but I was free and well. Sometimes I was connected with my mails and I’ve got some news from my tudiabetes friends, but my diabete was outside myself. Strange and happy feelings. I can’t tell all in my poor English words but I hope all my friends understand. A short blog. I’m happy hope you’re happy too.

I’m so happy for you! And glad that you came back and wrote to us! Hope that you have many more good days with your diabetes!

Hi Brigitte! Thank you for the warm welcome to Tudiabetes. If you think your English is bad, you should hear my French!