The Next Level!

OK guys, type 2 here, I have since gotten better numbers!!! I used to be in the 200’s. Gotten that down to 150’s with diet and exercise and med modification. Now I want to get to 100. Am I being realistic here people, please tell me???I want to know that I can progress and beat this thing and hopefully someday get off the meds. What do I need to do to get to the next level!!!

You can absolutely get to 100! However, I think the best thing to do is to meet with a CDE to review exactly what you’re doing, and how you can tweak it to make the improvements you’re looking for. I know lsome folks turn their noses up at using that resource in lieu of just using the internet, but even after doing this for 30 years and being quite knowledgeable, every few years I get a tune-up with a CDE, preferably an RD.

What have you been doing so far? What works for you? I managed to get down to normal levels by eating a very low carb diet and exercising right afterwards, especially after breakfast. I am Type 1.5 and on small amounts of insulin these days, but I can still get there with diet and exercise. I prefer not to take insulin at work (I’m a teacher) so I manage eat a salad at lunch time and make sure to get in a little movement whenever possible. Good luck. I love your attitude!