The non-stop rollar coaster

So today is my first official day as a Tudiabetes member! I was absolutely ecstatic when I found this site and even more excited after reading a few of your blogs! I was diagnosed with type one diabetes in May 2003. It was perfect timing because as a baby boomer echo my amazing middle school graduation was only a month away >_<. Getting diagnosed wasn’t all that shocking for me. My father had type one all my life so I never really saw him struggle with anything but man was I in for a surprise. Shortly after my mandatory three night stay at the children’s hospital, I was discharged and went home. Why I never noticed my father’s reactions before I have no idea, but the very first night I stayed at his house he and I had simultaneous reactions! Around 4am I woke up absolutely drenched in sweat and my heart felt like it would break through my chest! In a daze I meandered my way into the kitchen, only to find my father sitting at the dining room table, soaked all the way through with a mixing bowl size serving of cereal. All it took was one look in my direction and he immediately tossed me a gatorade and ordered me to go to bed.
Now, I know we’re supposed to check our sugar durign a reaction, consume about 15 carbs then check again in 15 minutes, but I mean COME ON! Who can honestly say they can sit there for even 5 minutes without running back to the fridge for more juice or carb-like substance?
Curious to hear any comments from the “goody-two-shoes” and other “reaction over-loaders” like myself =P

It’s just easy easy to overcorrect. Especially with that ferocious hunger that I can get. lol