The short version of my diabetes story

I first had thoughts of diabetes when I was around 19 years old. I had a friend that was diabetic and occasionally I understood what she was talking about. ( I had felt weird sometimes and gotten shaky after eating something sugary.) It didnt happen often and I didnt have ins to see a dr. I let it go. Years went by with not much thought on it at all.
I got married at age 30 and pregnant within a month! LOL! I first learned of Gestative Diabetes then. I was tested; then tested again. The dr sent me home with a meter. I returned and gave it back a week later. They downloaded the information and came back into the room and said that I had not written my numbers in the little book correctly as they didnt match the ones in the little machine. They called me a liar without using the world “liar.” I was upset to say the least. Then, they decided I needed to be admitted to the hospital for “diabetic training.” When I was admitted; I was given a complete physical and it was discovered that I had dilated to 4. Bedrest immediately!!! I ate their meals and felt like I was starving! I watched TV and was bored. No one came into my room to teach me anything about diabetes! Anyway, I delivered my first son at 9 pounds 10 ounces and 21 inches long. My first “football player.” (definitely not my last!)
After my first pregnancy and the hardtimes the nurses and dr’s gave me; I refused all diabetic testing. I learned from one nurse that the little machine I had taken home with me had a low battery! The numbers did not record properly. When I was called a liar; the stress was what caused me to dilate.
For all my future babies I would purposefully eat salads and veggies only the day before going to my prenatal appointments. ( I thought I was doing great! No dr. or nurse pressure.) I had been labeled an “obstinate,obese patient.”
Finally, a Dr came along that listened to the story of my pregnancies.Enter pregnancy number 7 and the last one! I was given a meter and told " Just stay under 120!“
I ended up with my 11 pound 5 ounce boy being delivered naturally. ( we got to the hospital too late for any pain killers and I delivered in 20 minutes.)
That little boy is now almost 3 years old. I’ve still got the meter and have been testing on my own. I have good days and bad days. I’ve found some wonderful places online and managed to wander in and out of a few different groups.
Enter “” I guess it is a growing and learning journey that will eventually lead each one of us to a place in life where we say " I really need to acknowledge my health and do something about it.”
Here I am. For now, with questions,thoughts and life that gets interrupted by a bad number day, a stress day, or something.
I’ll be leaning on Jesus and my friends here at to walk with me on this part of my journey.