In the begining


To begin with, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I was pregnant almost 2 years ago. My baby girl is amost 2 years old!!! Since being pregnant and diabetic is a pain I planned to never have anymore babies.

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about 6-8 months after having my daughter I went in to get my blood sugar checked. I told them I had GD and that I need to be checked. my BG levels were hight "but not hgith enough" to be diabetes. They didnt tell me anything about being pre-diabetic. I said to stay on my diet and excersie. Maybe if they had treaded it nore seriously I would have acted differntly and taken better care of myself.

TMI= so I had a yeast infection no biggy had them before so I just used the over the counter monistat stuff. It kept getting worse WAAAAY worse. I went to a emergency care clinic on a Sat. I was told I am allergic to the chemical in monistat yeast infaction creams. GREAT!!! I got an oral medication and I felt better immidiatly. a week later it was back. (never EVER had that happened) this sencond time I mentioned I had GD. they checked my blood, 265 ish. the Dr looked at me and said "thats it. " she drew some blood to check my A1C gave me a prescription for medformin (which did nothing but make me sick and they eventually took me off it.) and told me to get a family doctor. I made my first appt. My new Dr. says she cant tell if its type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. she is unsure because of my age and the fact that I lost 10lbs in 3 days without changing my diet or anything. she gave me a prescription for lantus and humalog insulin since the oral meds did nothing. I got a meter since I stupidly threw my old one out telling myself "I dont have diabetes I dont need this."

I had just started attending a chuch that I found made me feel at peace and at home. I felt something I never felt before. I felt warm .At one service they said if anyone had prayer request to go to the back of the room. I talked to a woman I have never seen since then, I told her about my diagnoses. I told her I knew I could do it but I was a little scared. I bursted into tears. I am not the type to cry infront of people I dont know much less at church. she held me a told me that the Lord didnt not intent for us to deal with these things. that they are the devil working in us. that we have fight it and have faith in the Lord. that He can get us through it all. Never have I believed a complete stranger so much. I believe that finding this church and my faith kept me from falling apart.

"My child know that I am with you. I know your heart. Do not feel guilty that , what Satan is putting upon you. Keep running to me as children run to their parents. I am here."

So now I take insulin shots, count carbs and excercise. I feel great! I can do this!


ahhh nearly the same story there! 2 months later and i still have no idea if i’m a T1 or T2. people say it doesn’t matter, but it does because the treatment’s so different. i did have a dream one night that i was diagnosed as a T1 though.

and you know what’s even cooler? my pastor came to see me in hospital and told me the exact same thing. (: