The State of TuAnalyze: January 2011

Manny posted the following on January 21, 2011-- for the full discussion and comments, click here:

"We launched TuAnalyze in May 2010 in partnership with Children's Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School, with the goal of empowering members of TuDiabetes (and EsTuDiabetes) to track, share and compare their health information for research advancing diabetes care and public health response.

In the Fall of 2010, we launched a survey module as part of the application and in December, a Spanish version was launched on EsTuDiabetes (our sister community in Spanish) under the name EsTuAnalisis. Today, I have more news about TuAnalyze and quite a few valuable lessons learned from the project to share with you.

To explain some of the key things that TuAnalyze has shown us so far, we put together a video just under 3 minutes long, with excerpts from a longer interview with Elissa R. Weitzman, Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School | Children's Hospital Boston and one of the key people that works with us in this amazing project:

If you want to listen to the full 12-minute long interview and read through the complete slides, click on the SlideShare link below.

Lessons from TuAnalyze: January 2011

In short, we're learning A LOT about TuDiabetes and EsTuDiabetes from the data we're gathering through TuAnalyze. But to paint a comprehensive picture of the communities we need you to:
  • If you have already signed up for TuAnalyze, please enter any new A1c values you may have since the last time you visited. You know how little it takes... and you know how much it helps!

For now, that's all!

Thanks for your continued support and let's keep rocking!"