Where Is TUAnalyze

I can't find TUAnalyze on the site. Any help?

It was taken down a few months ago. If I remember correctly, it was set up for a particular study and when the study ended the TuD admin decided not to maintain it.

Too bad. It was a nice way to keep track. Back to Excel I guess. Anyone know of other ways to track A1Cs?

I loved the map and miss it.

The ADA has a site that you can upload your stuff too including BG number's, A1C's, and general other stuff (weight and such). It is tied to the Microsoft Health Vault. Here is the link:


I use Excel to log my A1c’s also. It’s such at low volume of data, even a pencil and paper list in a paper file could work.

It is nice to see where your individual results are in a larger context.

Thanks for the reference.

I was also looking for TuAnalyze, just because it helps if I see my results in graph format, and most general plotting programs are too complicated for me.

Just a side note: One moral of this story is that one should NEVER rely on someone else's server to store one's data.

Thanks again.

One moral of this story is that one should NEVER rely on someone else's server to store one's data.

Like Medtronics CareLink? :-)

I download all my pump & meter data to Excel and do my own charting/analysis. Also keep a general diary/logbook in Excel too. Been doing it for a dozen years or more.

I keep a copy on Google Drive, so I can access it on the phone too.

Thanks for the reminder...I need to finish redesigning it since going on the pump.

God help you all if terrorists ever launch a full scale cyber attack! I can just see people standing around in the streets with blank looks on their faces and their thumbs wiggling uselessly!

We were sad to remove the TuAnalyze feature! The map was cool, huh? As Terry said, it was part of a study through Childrens Hospital of Boston, and they published a paper using data gathered through that application (we participated in good research!). But once that was done the project had no more funding, so we could not maintain it.