The times they are a changing

I went for my 1st endocrinologist appt recently. He’s keeping me on Glucophage (1000mg twice daily), Actos (15mg once daily) and Levemir (14 units every afternoon and increasing 2 units every other day as needed). They also enrolled me in a grocery shopping group that takes you to stores and teaches me healthy choices and meal planning. The office staff was great and gave me a new meter(Accu Check Aviva). I told them my fingers were getting so sore and I thought they would write me a script but they said as long as they have things in stock, it’s free! I also adopted 2 mini schnauzers(Tammy and Timmy) on Sunday. They came from Schnauzer Love Rescue. They’re both 5 years old and so cute. I had to put my other schnauzer, Misty, to sleep last October after a year long battle with cancer. I’m also in the process of retiring from the phone company after 29 years. I always wanted to work at least 30 and get my full pension and benefits, but with my health and emotional problems it’s best for me to retire now. I’m very fortunate to have other sources of income beside my AT&T pension. I’ve got to run now to another dr appt. Take care ya’ll.

Hi Sandy,
Welcome. This is a great site to be on. You will find a lot of support and understanding on here.
I hope all goes well with your doctor’s appointment. Keep us posted on how you are doing.