On January 16th, Olivia had her endo appt. at Pittsburgh Children's Hospital. Traveling approx. 3 hours to and from Pittsburgh was not very fun, but the appt. overall went well. Olivia was so well behaved and she just brightened the diabetes wing with her smile. Everyone stated how big she has grown since the last time she visited there and I see it too. She will be three on Febuary 8th and she already wears a 4T! When it came to drawing blood for her A1C test, etc. she was so brave. She did have some tears, but she sat there so still until they finished. She also to our surprise went pee in a cup for a urine test - I thought that was a major accomplishment! Her A1C went from an 8.2 (October 07) to a 7.6! We were happy about that, but would like it to continue to drop. Her blood sugar readings have been high and low through-out the month of December and so far this January. Her endocrinologist decided to change her regiment of insulin. She is not on a pump yet mainly because she won't even keep a bandaid on for more than five minutes! She currently continues with MDI (multiple daily injections). She was previously on NPH and Humalog @ breakfast (to avoid a shot at lunch), Humalog and Lantus @ Dinner, and Humalog for bedtime snack if needed. Well, what was happening was that her blood sugar readings were too high at afternoon snack and then too low at dinner time. We believe that the NPH, which is an intermediate acting insulin, was peaking right before dinner time. Her endocrinologist of course wanted to avoid this from happening so we left Pittsburgh with new doses and new insulins too. She is now going to receive Novolin N, Novolog, and Levemir @ breakfast (to also avoid a shot at lunch - I think Novolin N is the same as NPH), Novolog and Levemir @ Dinner, and Novolog @ bedtime snack if needed. Our endocrinologist said that it was okay to mix Levemir with Novolin and Novolog even though the directions say not to mix. He said that there is new research being done and that the ph is neutral and that it would be okay to mix, so Olivia would be getting at the most 3 shots a day instead of 4! I'm curious - is there anyone else that mixes Levemir that has had success? Friday, the 18th, we will start her new insulins. I hope they do the trick!