Is anyone looking for a buddy?

Hi! I'm new to tudiabetes and hoping to find a buddy or two to chat with about the daily struggles. I don't have any family or friends with diabetes and it can be very lonely sometimes.

If anyone is interested in being buddies, please send me a message!


You will find lots of buddies here. Feel free to post your questions. You will get many answers and lots of encouragement. We all help each other.

We are all buddies. Feel free to message anybody or post anything in the forums. As Cinderfella said everyone is eager to share their stories and advice.

Hey sweetie: You have a potential of thousands of buddies here. We all want to help---that's the core value of TuD....

Practically speaking, you might like to roam around a bit here---look for characteristics that resonate---that you can identify with: age and type and geography---meet-ups in your town or region will help you a lot!.....We are happy you found us....Judith in Portland

We are all here to help each other.
please join the chatroom, ( ) where you can find a lot of people going through the same, helping and supporting each other.

Hi, Cat, I too am looking for a buddy. I do have family and some friends who are diabetics or not, but no one to talk to who understands why I am so persistent with taking care of myself. And I agree it is lonely sometimes, a lot of times. Please write me and we can (hopefully) get together and chat often. Hang in there girl, it does get easier and with a good friend or 2 or 10 or more it does get even easier.

There is always a small crowd in the chatroom. We listen to each other struggles and celebrate our victories. In addition, there is a lot of talk of food! Come join us! Look forward to chatting with you!

Thanks, I'll check it out

I would like a buddy, I am not sure how much help I will be, but I am here.
My Name is Debbie.

I second Stoner's comment above. Sometimes the thing we need most is just to talk with (or vent to) someone who gets it. The chat room is a perfect place to do that, and it's a big part of the conversation there.

The bedrock principle of tuDiabetes, as expressed by Manny our founder, is "No diabetic should ever feel alone." The chat room is one of the places where that need is met, every day.