The worse time for a pump to fail

I DO upload my pump settings, but not all of the data needed for my OmniPod PDM is a part of the settings. I always use a Word document as a backup to the upload from the pump itself. I have been diabetic for several decades, and I have learned that having backups for supplies and for data always are good things.

I have had very good luck with several different brands of insulin pumps. I have not travelled outside the contiguous 48 states in well over a decade but will in March. I stocked up on pump and Dexcom supplies but your post today reminded me to update my back-up plan to include the chance that my Tandem pump, Dexcom G6 or both fail. THANKS!!

Just a reminder that Tandem does have a loaner program. They’ll give you an extra, boxed pump to travel with if you’re concerned about travel mishaps and pump failure. You just have to return it with the seal intact if you don’t have need of it. If you do need the replacement, you send your old one back in the box the loaner came in.

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Hey! This happened to me at 2am last night (Sunday☹️)! My T-slim woke me up with a bright red “Pump Malfunction, not fixable, call Tandem” message. So scary! Rummaged around to find my old Animas and a lithium battery, but remembering the settings was going to be a challenge because my basal rates change all the time and I only document occasionally (Gotta do better on that!). Meanwhile my husband called the Tandem help line and she said I COULD reset the pump and talked us through it calmly. THANK GOD!!

It’s working better now than before. I went from needing a 130% temp basal before it quit to an 85% after reboot?! Hope it keeps working!

Glad you’re ok, Gary!