Thinking about getting Omnipod?

I have been diabetic for almost a year… Feb.13 will be a year and i have been doing research on the pod and i have been hearing about how much it make diabetes a easier and how it keeps everything in better control. just wanting to get your views to see if this is all true. also have been hearing a lot about pod failures and am kinda worried about that or is that just an issue that doesn’t happen that often…also please tell me about any other problems that occur with the omnipod system…Would appreciate your opinions…thanks

i think the omnipod is amazing. its really helped me, and its small and wireless so its like, its barely even there. the pod failures dont happen too often, when it does fail, you have to change the entire pod which is a total waste of insulin. it also gives off a really annoying beeeeeeeeeeeep! but the pod failures shouldnt hold you back from getting the ominpod. i think its ver beneficial and i recommend getting one. hope i helped ! :slight_smile:

thanks Marina i am going to the doctor next week and i am going to mention it to my doctor and see if he will allow me to get it