Thinking about number 2


I am 32 years old and have a beautiful, healthy almost 3 year old. She was thoroughly planned due to my type 1 diabetes, and I was able to control my blood sugars throughout the pregnancy. Though my doctors have no concerns about a second pregnancy, my husband and I always figured we would have the one child, because of how difficult the pregnancy was. I suffered from a lot of anxiety (typical for type 1 mothers I’m sure).

Recently, I have started to feel the desire to give my child a sibling. My husband feels the same, though has reservations because he knows how hard on me the first pregnancy was. The first time around, it was hard, but I knew without a doubt what we wanted (to be parents). This time around, although I should have the assurance that I was able to do it once before, I’m finding the decision more difficult. I don’t NEED another child to feel fulfilled with our family, but I do think another would be wonderful.

I worry about handling being pregnant, and stalking my blood sugars, while working and caring for a preschooler. If I could skip the pregnancy and have a healthy baby at the end of it (or if diabetes weren’t in the equation) I would do it in a heartbeat. I envy my friends who don’t give a second thought to the pregnancy and just have to decide how big of a family they want. Anyone go through something similar or have a story to share?

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Is adoption off the table?

It’s something we might consider but that we don’t know much about! I do think wed prefer another biological child at this point

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I am male so no. But, well yes, in two ways. First I am the son of a T1 and my parents desperately wanted a second child. In the late 50’s the doctor told them no and after reflection they decided they would not. My mother regretted the decision until the day she passed. Frankly so did I.

When my wife and I were married I insisted that if we were to have a child we were to have two. It was a tough decision by then I was T1 and I was not certain I wanted any.

Once we decided to have a child we had did have two. It was difficult, but once we decided to have children I have never regretted the decision. So I have no direct experience, but I can say that we do love our sons now 37 and 40.

Oh and no, neither of them have diabetes.


I was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 28 weeks pregnant with my first son. He’s a year old now and I know for almost certain I want another but I’m also apprehensive about going through another pregnancy, this time dealing with the diabetes for the entire time. I’ve also been diagnosed with hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and while it isn’t really causing me issues now, I’m worried about how that will be affected by pregnancy as well.

My husband is much more concerned about me being pregnant again and would be interested in adopting but I just don’t think it’s right for me. I’d much rather have a second biological child but some days I find myself wondering if I would be okay with just one. I don’t know! I think my husband overestimated how difficult another pregnancy will be and I underestimate it.

I am a 63-year-old woman with two healthy grown children, age 24 and 25. I was 36 at the time of my first pregnancy and 37 at the time of my second. I am type 1 and had had diabetes over 24 years at the time I got pregnant. You are 32, peak fertility, what better time to give your child a sibling if not now? I had toxemia both pregnancies, but second pregnancy was so much easier than the first that I was able to be delivered by a midwife VBAC (I know they don’t do that now) and recovery was so much easier. You will only be pregnant for nine months. I found actually the hardest part (except for first child with the toxemia and the emergency C. section) to be getting used to the erratic sleep cycles of newborns and getting enough sleep.
I would say control your diabetes as best you can and go for it. And get a lot of support from family, friends, relatives, etc. If you have the money, hire a doula or someone to help you during those first three months after the baby is born. I did not breastfeed either kid; too much for me. I think you have to take care of yourself in order to be able to take great care of your kids. My husband did a lot of night feedings, etc. That helped them bond with him. Anyway, as they say, take what you like and leave the rest. That was my experience. I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do.

Also find a healthcare professional, gynecologist, and diabetes doctor who respects your wishes and doesn’t have their own agenda. Ran into this many years ago. Ended up switching doctors and had a great experience even though pregnancies were complicated.