Type 1 (2yrs)...2nd baby?

I have a daughter that's 3yrs old now. I had gestional diabetes when I was pregnant with her and it went away after having her, but a year and a bit after having her, I started having symptoms of type 1 diabetes. We were planning on trying for a second baby around the time of my diagnosis, but I decided to put it off until I got a handle of dealing with everything.

The thing is, I've been given the go-ahead to get pregnant again by my diabetes conselor and my doctor, but I just find myself either putting off or debating constantly whether to even have another baby.

I had a a really hard birth with my first because she was really big and due to other major complications during delivery, so I have that in the back of my mind. But also, I am fully aware that everything I eat and do (more seriously in the 1st trimester) affects my baby. It's going to be a completely different experience from my first, and I'm not sure if I want to even try it. I know what it's like to have diabetes in general, where my everyday decisions affect only me, but I don't think I could handle it if I knew that something I did while pregnant caused my baby to have a birth defect.

I'm having a hard time even wanting to be pregnant. Do I want a brother/sister for my daughter? Yes. Am I happing with my family? Yes too! My husband is super supportive of whatever decision I make, It's just so hard to decide. I think I know I don't want another child, I just don't want to regret my decision down the road because I could see myself changing my mind or even I just want some finality to my decision.

I think what I'm looking for is someone who's gone through what I have and just let me know what they have done.

Thanks in advance!

It sounds like you have to just do whatever makes you feel best for now. Only you know what you can handle. But I'm a firm believer that if you're really questioning yourself, now may not be the best time. But you don't have to do it now! Assuming you're under the age of about 40, you really do have time! Give yourself some more time to get comfortable with diabetes management and all the intricacies that entails. Diabetes and pregnancy is a lot of work and you need to be physically and emotionally ready for that. It's OK if you don't want to do it! Having one child is just fine (I personally feel there are too many people in the world anyway, but that's another topic entirely). You may feel completely different a year from now and that's OK too!