Thinking about switching CGM'

I am currently on the Medtronic 530g system. I love using a cgm and do not want to change that however I am having a lot of problems with the enlisted sensors losing signal. I am female and don’t know if that plays a part in it ( what I wear etc) but it is so frustrating. If I have my sensor on my thigh I literally have to gave my pump directly next to it. This becomes difficult for my attire for work as well other outfits etc. I have to have my pump hidden at work because I am a teacher with little kids. I get so many list signals throughout the day or merely just have to put the pump in an awkward spot. THIS SHOULD NOT BE SO FRUSTRATING!!!

Dexcom reaches I think 20 ft as Medtronic only reaches 6 ft. Which seems to solve my biggest problem. I have heard people say the dexcom reaches so far! Can I use my Medtronic pump and dexcom also? Does anyone have experience with this? I want To get people’s input before I go about speaking to a dexcom rep to start the process. Any help or advice would be awesome!!

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You can use Dexcom with any pump as well as with MDI. It just hasn't been integrated into one device yet. I use Dexcom with my Ping and so I have two devices - Tis no big deal. I love the accuracy of the Dexcom. If you really really like that it is one device, then you'll have to wait until the FDA approves the pairings of Dexcom with other pumps. But I find the accuracy of Dexcom superior.

I've never used the Medtronic 530g system but I do use the Dexcom G4 and I LOVE it!!!

The Dexcom has been integrated into the Animas "Vibe", but I don't believe it's available in the U.S. yet. I read that it has been submitted to the FDA and waiting for their approval.
For now, it's available in Europe, Australia and recently in Canada (to my amazement!).

It is pretty darn accurate when comparing your finger stick results to the Dexcom. It does lag at times but mainly when trending up or down.
Though it is recommended for 1 week wear, I wear mine for 2 without any issues; i.e. ???. I always wear my transmitter on the backs of my arms and have no problems with it getting in the way.
Check out these 2 Diabetes blogs where they post about their Dexcoms (including pics): Texting My Pancreas & Six Until Me. Very helpful info :)
You won't regret the change! :) Good luck!

By "losing signal" what exactly do your mean?

Lost Sensor? Weak Signal? Bad Sensor, Bad Transmitter, etc.

Could be any number of things. Have you called Medtronic?

Generally, I've had excellent results frown the Medtronic CGM, but I've occasionally had a problem when my cell phone is between the transmitter and the pump on the opposite side of the body.

Just today, I got a weak signal error with the pump being maybe 4 inches from the transmitter, but there again my cell phone was sitting right next to them.

Same here. But switched. Now I can leave the Dex monitor on the dashboard, work out in the spa, come back and see what my BG has been. I can leave it in the bedroom work in the kitchen and still hear it beep if I go out of bounds.

So it doesn’t matter where my sensor or remote would be? Meaning If I have my remote near me but not directly next to sensor ( in comparison to enlite sensor) it still has a good signal?

I get great results In regards to number accuracy but the signal problems have been an issue for me with the clothing I need to wear. No matter where I put the pump it always has to be directly next to the sensor or else it loses signal it has a weak signal thus not having the cgm do it’s job. This is why I was asking about the dexcom because from what I’ve read and heard it is better nj these regards.

Thanks so much! I’m actually already a weekly reader of those two blogs already :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s a huge difference.

I wore the Medtronic CGM for about two weeks before throwing in the towel. I couldn't stand it. I wasted so many sensors trying to get them in with the MM serter and never got accurate readings no matter how much I followed their rules for calibrating. I sent my MM CGM back and switched to the Dexcom. I am so glad I did! I rarely ever feel the insertion of the Dexcom sensor and after the initial 24-48 startup period I get spot on readings for the next 1-3 weeks depending upon how long I can keep it taped down. I love the easy to read, colorful display of the Dexcom, and simply can't imagine life without it!!

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I have used both the MM system (mainly with the Sof Sensors, but the transmitter is identical to the one used with the Enlites) and the Dexcom with an Animas Vibe. With the MM transmitter, the reach is *nominally* about 6 feet, but in practice can be less. I used to routinely get "lost sensor" warnings at night if I rolled over so that the pump was behind my back (with sensor/transmitter on tummy)because my body would block the signal. I got in the habit of pulling the pump to the correct side if I rolled over in bed.

I wear my pump on my belt at the hip. I had to insert the set on the same side as the transmitter/sensor so I could wear the pump on the correct hip. Worn on the opposite hip it would sometimes lose contact.

The Dexcom has a MUCH longer range - I would say at least 10 feet. Also, the Dexcom doesn't trigger a lost sensor warning if a single reading is missed. You just get a gap on the trace. The pump can be anywhere and it will receive the signal.

As noted by other pumpers, the Dexcom is also MUCH more accurate.


That is literally my life right now with the cgm. It’s a shame that the sensor doesn’t have a longer signal range because i really do love that it’s incorporated into my pump. I think I’m going to have to switch to dexcom.

I'm on week 4 with my current sensor -- a record for me. I always get 14 days, more often than not 18-21. I'm on day 24 right now, and there's no sign of the sensor starting to run out...

Oh, and I'm on month 13 with my transmitter. Also, I get a good signal quite a bit farther than 20 feet. I don't lose contact when I'm in the shower and the receiver is 30 feet away, through a wall, on my nightstand.


Like Aaron, on the weekend when I'm home the receiver will often be in my bedroom while I'm moving around the house doing stuff. Rarely loses contact, usually only if I go outside on the opposite side of the house.

Even then, remember that the transmitter only sends an update once every 5 minutes, and it's "blind" -- it doesn't handshake with the receiver or anything to ensure reception of the data; it just sends the signal, and if the receiver can pick it up, it does. If the receiver's internal timer passes 5 minutes without a recieving a reading, it will then indicated "Out of range".

So, understanding all this, it is entirely possible to be out of range for up to 5 minutes, then back in range, and the system will never indicate anything amiss.

I can walk throughout my house, leaving my Dexcom receiver in the bedroom, and may get an "Out of Range" error once in a while, but rarely. Other people have shown me their Medtronic CGM devices, and complain about the size and insertion of the sensor, while the Dexcom is similar to an insulin needle thickness and depth, but softer when in.

I have the medtronic 530 and the cgm. I was having a lot of trouble with lost signals and cal errors, and it has been 6 months since i have had the cgm and it still gives me trouble, but since my cgm warranty is up i am upgrading to the dexcom also and i will be getting it in october. So yes you can have the dexcom with the medtronic 530g it just don’t connect to the pump.

Hi, I can only relay my personal experience with both the medtronic cgm and pump and now my Dexcom cgm and Omnipod pump.

The Dexcom cgm is a miracle but take that from a user of 2 months who has travelled internationally with it. It stays in place like a dream, is incredibly accurate and is a life saver. I am a T1 48 years and tried them all including the Medtronic products. In my years I found that Medtronic support and ability to innovate declined markedly compared to the small Minimed company I loved.

I am adjusting to my life with an Omnipod pump - which is far superior in technology in Medtronic pumps, in that it is tubeless and incredibly easy to do the change of insertion. Truly remarkable technology.

Hope that helps.