Animus vs Medtronic CGM

Hi all,

I need to chose between starting on the Animus or the Medtronic pump, and was recently introduced to CGM, which I *love* (I am on a one-week Dexcom trial). So, I'm wondering if anyone knows...

When the Animus/CGM system will be avaible?

How much it will cost exisiting customers to upgrade?

**Will you need keep the Ping meter within 5 feet of you to get readings? (On the Medtronic the pump reads the CGM directly, correct?)

Also, I'd be paying out of pocket for the CGM and my doctor believes the Animus system will be cheaper than the Medtronic, does anyone know if that's the case?

Any insight would be much appreciated! thx, D

Good question regarding when. Im not sure they have provided a release date yet. I would imagine fairly soon, as Medtronic already has one, and as much as I loathe the fact, Animas (J & J) is a for profit company. its in their best financial interest to get it out asap.

I know nothing about animus but I would not be as optimistic as Chris. Animus has been talking about this for quite a while now. Not sure why they have not responded but I think many people on this and other sites choose to use the MM and dexcom. But you need to see and manipulate both pumps and their cgm before making your decision. I have never seen anyone report on cost of MM vs Animus. Perhaps someone who has used both will chime in. What your doctor believes should not be equated to fact, however!

I have in the past used both Minimed and their CGMS and recently switched to Animas Ping pump and using Dexcom CGMS separately.

I personally prefer Dex CGMS much much more than I do Medtronic’s system. I switched pumps and CGMS because I wanted the remote/the Ping, Minimed’s screen visibility is poor, I couldn’t hear the alarms and was having a lot of skin problems with their CGMS. After trying the Dex it’s actually working much much better for me so I don’t intend to go back to Minimed unless they totally revamp their system. This is just my opinion/my experiences. Other people are quite content with Minimed and do well with them so I think a lot of this boils down to personal preference.

I was quoted a cost of $299 to upgrade for Animas. With Minimed the final cost is $399 to upgrade but you really pay $800 cash and it takes them a couple of months to refund you your $400 for returning your old pump. Last winter/spring when I was researching pumps Animas was hoping for the integrated in 2010 but I don’t think it’ll happen that soon and I never base my decision solely on what’s coming down the pike as other factors like the FDA can change everything. It’ll be here when it’s here and until then I just make my decisions strictly on what is currently available.

Surprisingly enough I actually like having the CGMS non integrated much better than I did when the data was on the pump. I tend to wear my pump secured under my clothes like in my bra. When the data is on the pump only I’m less likely to pull it out and be aware of what’s happening on the screen. With the pump you have to keep it on your body. With a separate receiver you have a lot more choices – it can be in a pocket, on my desk, on my nightstand, in my purse etc. It just has to be in the vicinity. Sometimes I go off and leave my Dex receiver but for the most part I like having it out and available much better.

Retail cost of Dex and supplies I believe is somewhat higher than Minimed’s system but Minimed sensors are FDA approved to 3 days and I was lucky to get 6 out of a sensor. Dex is FDA approved for 7 days and I typically get 10 to 14 days a sensor. I’m not sure yet how the final cost will compare because my actual usage of both systems is so different. With Minimed I was never able to get them to replace a sensor. They always blamed user error which could be true. But it still meant wasted sensors. With Dex that just isn’t happening. I’ve only had one bad sensor and they replaced it no problems. I have only had one sensor that I pulled early because of operator error. I am using Dex 100% of the time compared to 50 - 75% of the time with Minimed because it works better. So I have the feeling that the Dex will cost a little more but I’m finding it well worth it.

I know you said you’d be paying out of pocket for CGM but it’s always worth pursuing with your insurance. I think more and more are covering it.

The cost of the two pumps and supplies will probably be comparable if you can get 3 days out of a 200 unit reservoir. If you end up doing set changes every 2 days on the Animas supplies may run you a little more depending on your insurance coverage.


Thanks for taking the time to compose this detailed reply; I will definately factor all this info in!!

I did my Dex trial using an Animas sales guys unit. I ended up getting the Ping after that. He told me that they were hoping that the combined unit will be out the beginning of next year. Like Diana said though, you can never tell with the FDA. I also heard about $300 for the upgrade.

Dexcom has a special cash price for customers that do not have insurance coverage. They used to have them on their website and it was $275 for a box of 4 sensors - that was in April. I thought I saw someone say the price is up to $325 now but I can’t find where I read that - I was looking last week after the supply company overcharged my insurance & my insurance paid the bill. I wanted to let them know what Dexcom charged. I believe the going rate on the Dex itself is $1200.

I was originally interested in the combined unit also but changed my mind. Someone here was talking about it and they said that if you do that, you are stuck with today’s CGMS technology for 4 years, the life of the pump. That is true and I think I would rather keep them separate and if something better comes along whether it is from Dexcom or another company, I am not stuck with what is in my pump

Good point Kelly. Options are always good. And even if things were immediately available with the pump you may have to pay the pathway upgrade but insurance may cover a new CGMS if it’s out of warranty.

Has anybody heard any rumors about whether the integrated pump will still be with a pump similar to the 2020 and not the ping? I was kind of wondering from the wording of the Dex investor call if they were holding out for integration with the Ping rather than the pump??? I may be way off base there and just wishful thinking. But if that’s true that would be a good thing. I rely on the meter remote aspect of my Ping too much to give that up for integrated CGMS that doesn’t include the Ping.


I have heard that you would give up the pump remote aspect for the CGMS but there are so many rumors flying around, it is hard to know what to believe! I don’t think I would want to give up the remote for a CGMS. The remote has the food database in and the pump doesn’t.