Pump upgrade help

I have had t1dm for 15 years now and have been using the animas ping pump for the last 4. I am elibigle for an upgrade soon and was wondering what you thought of the animas ping vs the minimed 530g w/enlite (the integrated cgm). Or if you use the Dexcom along with the Ping.

Overall, I have not had much trouble maintaining my sugars over the years but it feels the last few weeks have been a terrible rollercoaster of highs and lows. I try not to get bummed out about it because one, I don't like the be sad, two, I know that the added stress is just making my sugars worse, and three, I know there are a lot of people out there that have it a lot worse than I do.

Anyways, I've been doing some research about continuous glucose monitors and was wondering if anyone had any information or insight about any of this. Is one easier to use than the other, more comfortable, or most importantly, more accurate?



I use the dexcom with Tandem. I was on the ping for years. I really like my TSLIM. Later this year the two should be merged. I have no regrets after being on the TSILM for 5 months. I am not a fan at Medtronic.

Dexcom g4 platinum

I've used the Animas Ping together with the Dexcom CGM, first the 7+ and now the G4. I can't compare with the Medtronic CGM since I've not used it. I can compare the Dex G4 with fingerstick data, though. I am very happy with the accuracy of the G4. I've used it since November 2012 and give it a lot of credit with my success in controlling my BGs. I would not choose to live without it.

Tigger, may I ask why you aren't a fan of Medtronic. It's been so many years since I have used it and can't remember.

I have had two experiences with Medtronic, both resulted in extremely poor customer and/or no service. In addition my doctor's office states they frequently have the same issues.

Three years ago I wanted to look at both the Medtronic and the Animus. I spoke to both offices. The Animus rep met with me with 24 hours over lunch. I drove to meet him. The Medtronic rep never called me back. I called the Houston office and spoke to people for 3 weeks who all had a million excuses. Finally 6 weeks later after I had ordered and had received the Animus pump I got a call from the rep who said she just got my request that day. I don’t know where the breakdown is but if you can't even get in touch with me to give me a demo for 6 weeks then I don’t feel comfortable that you will support me if I need help.

Again 6 months ago I went through the same scenario this time with the TSlim and the Medtronic. I lived in a different city/region so it was a different rep. Within 24 hours the TSlim rep met with me and I never heard from the Medtroinc rep. Ironically the Medtronic office is 20 minutes form my house and I drive by it all the time.

Add these experiences to other comments about the arrogance of the company, unwillingness to help follow up and I am not willing to try the pump.

I have written a detailed review of the Tslim and why I choose it if you want to review it. I use with Dexcom and I really like it a lot. I have no regrets. The service I get from Tandem is top notch.

Thank you so much Tigger! I actually haven't heard of the TSlim and it isn't one of the pumps that we can get in Canada unfortunately. However, I really appreciate your insights. Makes my decision in getting the Animas an easier one. I decided to go with the Ping, with the remote, instead of the Vibe with the CGM. I don't want another device on me and in Alberta,Canada, pumps are now fully covered but the continuous glucose monitoring is not. Yay Alberta Health Care!! :)

My first pump was a Medtronic pump, this was 2005. Medtronic's customer service is marginal at best. I had experienced some malfunctions with the pump, customer service was not helpful at all. I ended up going to the Animas ping.

The Animas ping, I've had a few replacement pumps due to varied issues. Animas customer service and tech suport did what I expencted them to do. They replaced the pump, usually over night. They didn't mess around. Over all, with the Ping, I have no complaints other than a few of them having an issue. One flooded after just 20 minutes while I was swimming in a pool. I get it, sometimes, machines just fail, it's the nature of machines, I suppose.

t:slim. I have NOT used their pump (yet), presently, my insurance does not pay for the t:slim (I have Kaiser). BUT, in talking with Tandem diabetes, they are great to talk to. Even though I am not a customer of theirs, they have no problem answering my questions on the t:slim over multiple phone calls. They call me from time to time to actually check up on me and update me on the (lack of) Kaiser coverage for the t:slim presently. They seems to be "the good guys" in the pump business.

Alas, it is time for a NEW pump, 6+ years in to the Ping. Kaiser offered me a choice between a Medtronic pump or another Ping, while I requested the t:slim, it was not on the "menu", so I selected another Ping with the upgrade to the Vibe when it is released to the US by the FDA.

The general concensus amongst t:slim users seem to be quite positive, I have not heard anyone say they disliked it. The only issues I am presently aware of are clogging past day two using Apidra as the t:slim is a 300u cartidge.

My Ping experiences are that I honestly can't gripe too much, Animas jumps theough the hoops when I present an issue. It is a 200u cartridge and delivers my Apdira without issue. Occlusions are when I've placed my infusion sets in scar tissue. Eh, it happens.

I understand that the t:slim is the latest and greatest pump on the market. Maybe one day, the kind folks at Tandem would at least let me take a t:slim for a 6 week test drive and use me as an example to bully Kaiser into covering it. I'd be more than willing to write a review from unboxing to a 6 week drive article.

For Suze, Since you're in Canada, I'm sorry that the t:slim is not one of the choices you have, so, take it from another "Pinger", you can pretty well feel safe with it.

Hi, Suze. The Animas Vibe is only one device. The CGM is integrated in the pump, I use it. My first impressions here.

Loved your post Dennis D. Kaiser... LOL Thank you!