Thinking about the words in my hand

i love the concept of the word in your hands contest and feel lucky to be able to participate in it (and not just because i would really, really like some strips). there are so many words that i’m sure we all think when it comes to diabetes. it seems almost a shame to narrow it down to just three. each word invokes its own emotions and comes with its own story. but, after pouring over the peronal means, stories, and art of each of the words i had written last night, i did find my three. each revealing a different side of what diabetes has meant to me and how it makes me feel. one for the past, one for what it has become, and one for what i always search for. yes, test strips would be lovely, but i think that the words in my hands are a bigger gift that that. they are chances to tell a story that we all share and a chance for me to examine how i really feel. it’s good to reflect and see where you’ve been, who you are, and what you want. i look forward to seeing everyone’s words.