Are you concerned about Covid-19 Vaccine might wake up Autoimmue diseases?

I am wondering if others with multiple autoimmune diseases are worried about injecting a vaccine that might wake up other auto immune diseases in our bodys. I have Type 1, Asthma and Thyroid Disease. I really dont want to deal with another disease. Are you having the same concerns or is this not an issues?

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Yeah. However, given that this is a pandemic, and that there are mutations now that are even more contagious, it is quite likely that we eventually get the actual disease. Anything the vaccine may trigger would also be triggered by the full disease, accompanied by really awful symptoms and severe potential long term / permanent damage.


I’ll get the vaccine but I won’t take any immune boosting supplements that are enjoying a moment right now. I was on a mixed mushroom immune booster, when I was diagnosed LADA 17 years ago. No way to know if there was a connection of course, but the doc who I used to read and who recommended them later came out and said that people prone to certain autoimmune diseases shouldn’t take immune boosters. Uhm…thanks. How are you supposed to know?

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I’m not concerned about that. In my life I’ve had many flu shots plus probably 10 other vaccines. I also think clinical trials involving thousands would identify a problem like that.

I’m not aware of any research pointing to vaccines causing autoimmune issues.


I know a woman with Lupus.
She doesn’t have any reaction to vaccines however she also does not create any antibodies.
It’s weird that there are so many different immune syndromes.
Even all type ones together have different reactions and different side effects.


I am more concerned about covid waking up autoimmune disease than the vaccine because it seems to be doing that to people, just like old fashioned flu.

I figure that I’m gonna get either the vaccine or the death flu eventually.
I’d rather have the vaccine.


You’ve put it perfectly. I’ve had vaccines throughout my life and have #1 of 2 for Covid - getting my next one in 2 weeks. I have type 1 diabetes, which seemed to develop right after I had a flu. I trust that scientists and researchers have thoroughly vetted this vaccine and am confident that taking it puts me in a better place than actually getting Covid would.


Yeah I’m much more concerned about the effects of COVID infection. I think eventually, it’s a choice between vaccination or infection (or permanent isolation) for most, and infection seems far riskier.


Not just thousands, but TENS of thousands! These vaccines have been put through a lot of investigation.


Thank you for all the responses. It makes me feel better about the vaccine.


I have three of these nasty autoimmune diseases and I am not the least bit concerned. First the COVID 19 vaccine operates with about the same action as the flu vaccine, the common cold and the pneumonia vaccine. i get the flu vaccine every year and have not had a serious flu attack for over 20 years.

I will line up first chance i get it. T1, RA and AS aside, I do not see the risk and even if i did (the first shingles vaccine i took as a live virus vaccine) I woudl do it in a heart beat. Besides I do not want to leave this world until I have five autoimmune diseases and since Thyroid is pretty easy to get I am looking for that magic number 4.


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For what it’s worth, the mRNA vaccines are decidedly different from those other vaccines in how they work. mRNA is way cooler though, and it seems like there may be reason to think it’s both more effective and if anything safer… also while these vaccines are new, that technology has been in development for quite a long time.

Personally, I would prefer an mRNA vaccine to a viral vectored one (which is the more typical vaccine format) if I have an option (I’ll take whatever I can get), mostly because the mRNA ones are proving to have higher efficacy. But if people are uncomfortable with those, more traditional viral vectored options should be available soon.

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I’d like to know why T2 diabetics are in the 1c CDC priority group and T1 diabetics are in priority group 2.

I’m less concerned about the emergence of new auto-immune disorders in myself, than I am about seeing whether some of the long-term complications of Covid-19 can be similarly triggered by the vaccines. It was a small occurrence, but neurological symptoms were reported with the AstroZeneca one. These are things that require time, and time is what we’re not giving it.

As I’ve said before, I’m not anti-vaccine… But I am wary of the climate these vaccines were developed in and the lax policies that allowed them to be fast-tracked through the regularity process.

All I want is time to see how the inoculated populace responds. We’re well situated to continue our isolation until that point. If I were living in a higher risk situation, I would re-evaluate, but I’m not. Heck, I’m an introvert. I rather enjoy my isolation. It’s been like an extended vacation alone with my husband on our 80 acres of heaven.

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Yes- I thought the same thing.


I do agree I misspoke above mnra vaccines are different in many ways. My mistake.

I would also agree that MRNA vaccines are totally awesome and hod great promise going forward, including for viruses that continue to adapt.

One reason Covid has caused diabetes is because of the way it attacks the body. It actually damages insulin producing cells. This can cause an acute insulin dependent need. I don’t think they quite know yet whether Covid is temporary or if it can start the antibodies that commonly cause type 1 permanently. SARS had a tendency to cause it temporarily in most.

ACE2, a receptor that the coronavirus “hijacks” in order to gain entry to the body’s cells and multiply. ACE2 is highly expressed in the pancreas and on the beta cells themselves, which means that when the coronavirus attacks, the beta cells are among the primary fields of battle. Direct damage to the beta cells impairs their ability to release insulin, leading to heightened glucose intolerance and, in a word, diabetes.”


I think a lot of this priority group stuff is gonna go away in favor of just vaccing everybody

I got the shot 2 weeks ago. I wondered if it somehow restarted my immune system? My blood sugars went down for several days (started crashing) until I lowered my insulin levels. Now the sugars are creeping back up. The only other side effects were a slight fever and fatigue, which according to the pamphlet, are normal.

It’s not impossible. There was a study done many years ago with woman and a vaccine for pap virus, and there were women in that study who were type 1 and had increases in in
C peptide
However I would think your body couldn’t have regrown islet cells so fast.